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I have a 14270 (currently in the for sale section) While Christmas shopping, I saw many Rolexes (Subs mostly) but not one single ExplorerThink of it, I've never seen anyone with the Explorer ever. It's such a no nonsense watch, it disguises it's ruggedness with it's simplicity and elegance. It never looked out of place, from wearing jeans and t-shirt to a suit. It even looked good wearing pjs while opening the Christmas presents! I've been wearing it during the Holidays and must admit that I'm getting second thoughts about letting it go.


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Thanks both. :)

Got this bund off ebay (link here) as I wanted to see the outcome.

Explorer is a very handsome watch... it looks good almost with everything

As for strap change, once you are used to it, it's fairly easy :)

Here are some different combinations:





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