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Datejust--acquired taste or is it just not for me?

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Hi. I was recently looking for a watch that wasn't a dress watch in the strictest sense (thin, white dial, bar or Roman numerals, no complications, etc) but is formal. My search narrowed down to Datejust, Aqua Terra, maybe the Portofino, a few Longines, etc.

I passed by a local Rolex dealer to see a Datejust in person, and I did not like how it looked.

The 36mm was not so thin that it felt like a small watch, and the indices and the writing looked cramped inside the small dial

The 41mm was a good size but the bezel looked too humongous.

The 39mm are just not my thing. I don't like how they added the coloured squares above the hour markers--seemed like a flashy thing and very un-Rolex-like.

If anything I might go for the 41mm, but I'm not 100% sure about it. This isn't exactly when I picked up a Tissot that I didn't like at first and grew to like.

Did anyone have a similar experience with their Datejust?

Thank you

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I have a small wrist, so 36 mm is fine for me. I guess for a lot of guys it might seem small. But yeah, the case is definitely chunkier than the raw dimensions suggest.

Personally I think the dial is perfectly balanced. I don't like the DJ II dial dimensions at all; especially for the baton marker version. They are way too big.


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