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New Arrival: GMT Master II 16710

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My GMT II finally arrived! It is in very good condition for a 24 year old watch, although it is clear the watch has been polished, albeit lightly. I'd say the original lines are 90% intact. There is slight rounding around the lugs but I don't think it detracts from the overall aesthetic too much. The underside is still razor sharp. Maybe the lugs will bother me in 6 months or whatever, for the moment I am very happy with my purchase.

Of two things I am certain: I am glad I did not go ceramic, and I'm glad I went for the licorice dial. I much prefer the dimensions and non-maxi style of the 16710. It fits my wrist perfectly. Maybe I'll get a pepsi bezel at some point in the future but I really love the understated look of the licorice bezel. Considering I own a modern Datejust, it was nice to get an older box and accessories. I was surprised at how much smaller the box is. But I was a bit peeved that it did not come with a proper watch pillow (just the outer Rolex sleeve); that's not the way I would have expected a e5000 watch to be transported. But the watch is fine, so no harm done.

Without further ado here are some pics - just so you know it happened.








Obligatory wrist-shots:


Might as well take advantage of those sweet, sweet lug-holes:


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Thanks guys! I'm loving it so far. I've wanted a GMT II for years and now I have finally one! GMT's are far and away my favourite complications.

Tiagu, the watch is a 1991 model (an X-serial). I guess it's the box they used back then. But yeah, as far as boxes go... it is pretty awesome.

Interestingly, the original owner switched the bracelet out for a 93250 in the early 2000's. I'm glad it has solid end links, although it still feels slightly cheap - perhaps even less robust than some bracelets found on much, much cheaper watches (I know this is not the case). It feels great on the wrist though.


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