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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Review

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So, I have had my new Oyster Perpetual for over a month now, albeit not always in my possession, so I think it's time to review the watch in detail.

The Oyster Perpetual is easily overlooked within the Rolex range, so how did I come to purchase this model? Well, I was looking for a new watch to add to my collection and had quite a long "short list". The Oyster Perpetual was there as it ticked a number of boxes; classic looks, no date, versatile, good quality, relatively dressy and a little different. In the end I decided I probably really wanted another Rolex, and it was between the 116000 and the Explorer. After trying both I decided the Explorer was just too like my 14060M and would not add much (other than a great watch) to my collection at this point. So, I pulled the trigger on this:


It has the same basic movement as my Sub, but with a few modifications that have come in across the range in recent years. It benefits from the new bracelet and is 36mm. The colour of the face is Red Grape.

Yes, that face. That's what gets most attention. It's still relatively uncommon and manages to be striking and subtle in one go. It really has collected a lot of praise.


It can appear anything between pink and black, depending on the light. The applied markers are beautiful, giving a real depth to the dial. The lack of a date window adds a lovely sense of balance to the watch too. The lume is good and bright, if not as bright as the Sub's.

It has the 3130 movement, the same as my Sub. This one doesn't have the slack I have seen previously when adjusting the hands, which is nice. It has been in to be regulated (and it had a weaker mainspring fitted and a "loose screw" dealt with) as it was somewhat erratic. It's now settled at +3 seconds or so per day, which I'm happy with.[/color]

The bracelet is in another league to the old hollow end link models with their pressed steel clasps, as I'm sure you've heard before. I have not found the older design to be an issue, but this is a definite step up for Rolex. It adds some more weight to the watch too, making the feel heavier than an older model two tone Datejust I have worn before.


The clasp is very sturdy, secure and reassuring, but on this base model it does not include any of the new fancy adjustment methods some other models benefit from.

So, it's a 36mm. Some people consider that small in today's world. I was a little concerned about this at first, but it really has great wrist presence. I think that this is due partly to the size of the face and crystal, which is the same as my 14060's. I think the size of the face dictates how a watch wears much more than its overall size including the bezel. It has a fantastic mix of polished and brushed surfaces, giving the watch a good degree of glamour. [/color]

In summary, I am very pleased with this watch. It is very versatile, bridging the gap between sports and dress watches so it will work in most situations. It's great with a suit or with jeans. In fact, it could be a perfect choice for a one watch person.



Perhaps this model doesn't deserve to be quite as overlooked as it is...?

Thanks for reading!

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Great review, agree 100 per cent. Rolex should be selling boatloads. Classic look, genuine history, 3130 movement, beautifully made and a dial that makes you smile each time you look at it.

You're right, it would make a perfect single watch for life.

Wanted a Rolex, considered used but Dubai is a bit of a nightmare for fakes and movement swappers. It isn't cheap either but you can get small discount at right times from AD Siddiqi (Top tip ALWAYS ask for a discount in Dubai when buying watches)

So a new 116000 with the new and quietly introduced 5 year warranty and 10 year service interval... 4,180 euros.

What's not to love?

Had mine six weeks, bought at Paris airport, regulated after two weeks, runs within 2 secs a day. Love the red you have, chose the white grape. Sometimes the sunburst dial is a pale yellow, sometimes coppery brown according to the light.

Agree on the lume, surprisingly good.

Oh yes, the hands and the markers are white gold, I like that. I like knowing that too.

I genuinely love this watch.

Rolex is special (whatever the haters say) there's the weight of its history, it feels special even if only you know...and the 'bargain' OP is a great way to experience this historic brand.



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