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The James Bond Rolex - novels and film history

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I thought this was a fascinating article on the connexion between Bond and the Rolex Submariner. Apparently Timothy Dalton was the last Bond to wear it. After that what did Pierce Brosnan wear? Was it an Omega?

Happy reading!

Bonding With Time – The Wristwatches of James Bond

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James Bond Films List

Dr. No Rolex

From Russia with Love Rolex

Goldfinger Rolex

Thunderball Rolex, Breitling

You Only Live Twice

Casino Royale Rolex

On Her Majesty?s Secret Service Rolex, Unknown

Diamonds are Forever

Live and Let Die Hamilton, Rolex

Man With the Golden Gun Rolex

The Spy Who Loved Me Seiko

Moonraker Seiko

For Your Eyes Only Seiko

Octopussy Seiko

Never Say Never Again

A View to a Kill Seiko

The Living Daylights TAG Heuer, Unknown

License to Kill Rolex

Goldeneye Omega

Tomorrow Never Dies Omega

The World is not Enough Omega

Die Another Day Omega

Casino Royale Omega, Longines

Quantum of Solace Omega, Hamilton

Via http://watchesinmovies.info/the-watches-of-james-bond/


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