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Very Excited!! Zeugma Watch Cases for my Birthday!!

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Well, my cases finally arrived. Their first departure city was Istanbul, Turkey. I must say.......they have lived-up to my high expectations. Really nice.......I mean these are heirloom pieces of watch luggage. They are built to last forever. Are they a bit expensive?? Sure, but compared to the watches I have stored in them, the high cost is really a non-issue. Here are some pics.....

The first thing that I noticed was the weight of the empty case. Between 8.5-9 pounds.....built very solidly




Rather than having a metal latch to close the case, there are straps that start at the bottom of the case and loop up over the top. There are two holes in each strap so that the case can be closed more loosely or a little more tightly.



The inside is very nice and plush. It can hold up to eight watches with the size of these watches being very large. My DSSD doesn't even come close to rubbing one of the other watches


The pillows are large and have to be compressed a little for my bracelets that are sized for my 7" wrist. They fit in their slots well, but not super snugly. The tray that holds the watches is easily removed so that the case can be used for another application if chosen.



I really like the case, and am very happy with my birthday gift, although it is a bit extravagant. My wife is a great woman.




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