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What to do, looking to add another and move one to make it happen....

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I have two watches, a Rolex Sub which I wear daily, and an Omega Aqua Terra 2503.3 that I haven't worn in a while

I originally got the AT as an exchange for a Speedy pro which had a hand reset issue that I later discovered was normal, also I had an issue with two sports pieces.

Now having not worn it in a while, and having seen the price on the secondary market strengthen I have started to give more thought to moving it on to acquire something else.

Here is what I currently have:


I have it narrowed down to the following:

1. a Steel Datejust with either a silver or white dial:



2. Tudor Heritage Chronograph


3. Tudor Blue Bay (after Basel if they update to new in house movement)


4. Omega Speedmaster Pro


In all honesty I am more drawn to the Datejust or the Speedmaster, to me they are true classics, between them I feel the Datejust would give me more variety but the Speedy has always been a favorite of mine

The two Tudors seem nice and I like the heritage chrono but I fear I am considering them because they are more affordable.

I liked the Aqua Terra but it was never a first choice, and I am still not a huge fan of the pointer.

Any thoughts or opinions would be great thanks

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For me its the speedy or dj, i love both watches. I have multiple speedy in the past and i will always keep one in the collection. For its price, its a steal in term of the history and importance.

And for the DJ, i purchased my milgauss because of it, my dad been rocking a TT DJ for years, that for me is the rolex(more so than the sub). I love everything about it and its a work horse of a dressy watch. It replaces the AT with more character and class in my honest opinion.

The BB is nice but i know i will never get much wrist time compare to the sub.

The monte carlo inspired HTC just a tad too busy for me.


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I'd say make your mind up before pulling the trigger on any of these watches. They are completely different from each other, which gives me the impression that you're unsure what you are exactly looking for. On the other hand, you can't go really wrong with any of these. ;)


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