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Pelagos Blue review

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My local AD in Houston called me yesterday to let me know she had one Tudor North Flag and one Pelagos Blue in stock. By the time I got there today, the North Face had already been sold. However, I had become more interested in the Pelagos Blue the more I read about it anyhow and once I saw it in person, I took it home.

The addition of injected superluminova in the ceramic bezel and the expandable bracelet over the North Face pushed me in the direction of the Pelagos (along with the fact that my collection already includes a speedmaster professional moon watch and a 39mm Rolex Explorer I, so a third black faced stainless steel watch didn't fit well into my collection).

First impressions:

Lume is amazing. Similar blue to my Rolex Explorer I, but more lume everywhere on this watch. Very easy watch to read at night.

The shade of blue on the face is deeper than some of the pictures online show. I thought that the blue might be too bright, but in person you will see that it is a great medium shade of blue. Enough to stand out, but not in an obnoxious or over the top way. The Tudor heritage black bay blue looks almost black next to this watch. The ceramic bezel is slightly darker than the face of the watch, but only upon close inspection, and it appears that this color differential draws your eyes to the face of the watch to make reading the time easier.

The watch came on the titanium bracelet with the auto-adjustable buckle. Because I already have most of my watches on bracelets, I had the AD put the watch on its rubber bracelet. The titanium is great, but I'm also impressed with the solid feel and thickness of the rubber bracelet. The color of the rubber bracelet matches fantastically and it's extremely comfortable.

The date without the lume to its right (a change from the previous generation) looks very nice in the flesh. No issues with the symmetry of this watch.

As to the comments regarding the additional text on the dial vs. gen. 1, this is a large watch with a lot of real estate on the face. I'm a fan of minimal text (love the submariner 14060m with two lines of text). But on this watch, the 5 lines at the bottom truly do not hurt the overall symmetry or look of the watch.

This isn't an overly wide or long watch and its dimensions in these directions are spot on. However, I have one negative comment, the watch sits high on my wrist so the thickness of the watch is apparent. I typically prefer watches with a smaller thickness. However, as this is a 500m dive watch, I understand that it naturally will be thicker than a typical dress or sports watch. However, this watch sits higher than both the submariner and the Sea-Dweller 4000 on my wrist. If I had to guess, Rolex handcuffed this watch and kept it thick because to bring it out with a thickness in line with the submariner and/or the Sea-Dweller 4000 might cannibalize sales of their higher margin models. The movement in the Pelagos blue appears to be closer in spec to the 3235 movement in the newly released Rolex Pearlmaster than the 3135 currently found in the submariner and the Sea-Dweller 4000. That is, the current Pelagos Blue, under the hood, looks more like what I expect to see as the next generation Rolex sub. Add in the common use of superluminova and ceramic bezels, and the Pelagos blue starts to look like a fantastic bargain next to similar Rolex watches. I tried on both the sub and the Sea-Dweller 4000 (found the 116610 and 114060 sub to be too blocky in the case and absolutely loved the 116600 Sea-Dweller), but at the end of the day, I can't see myself pulling the trigger on one of these Rolex watches until they move to the new 3255 movement. Until then, Tudor is selling 9/10ths the watch at 50% or so the price. Until Rolex moves the 3255 into its dive watches, I'll happily live with my slightly thicker Tudor with superluminova, a ceramic lume injected bezel, 70 hour power reserve movement, silicon hairspring, chronometer certified (COSC) in its beautiful shade of blue not offered in the steel Rolex dive watches, and be happy with the substantial discount from both the AD and aftermarket pricing of comparable Rolexes.

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