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First Rolex

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Well, I am not totally sure it will be a Rolex, but I would like to buy a high end watch. I like the Submariner Date and the IWC Portuguese chronograph.

How much does the Rolex cost? And what's the difference in terms of price between the Submariner Date and the Deep-sea blue dial?

Which one would you buy? Thank you.

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The Sub with date is $8550 USD retail, the DSSD Blue is, I believe, $12,950 or something along those lines. Most ADs will probably work with you on a sub, fewer on the DSSD, and in the grey market you're almost definitely looking at a premium on the DSSD. Of the two, I'd buy the Submariner. It's not a watch that you won't see on other people's wrists, but it's insanely versatile, durable, and comfortable. The current generation is very accurate and has the glidelock bracelet which is pretty much a deal maker in itself. You can abuse it, you can wear it daily, you can dress it up with a suit in all but the most formal settings; there's a reason it's so iconic. I like the DSSD, and the blue is cool and could become somewhat collectible (don't know yet if it will), but if this is your first high end watch, I'd be hesitant. It's bold, it's big, it's too tall to fit under some sleeves, too heavy to balance on some wrists, the bracelet is awesome but much less refined in its style... As someone who wears a bright green watch in his daily rotation, I find the DSSD Blue to be almost too loud to really match. It's a great second or third Rolex. It wouldn't be my first.

As for Sub vs. Portuguese it depends on a lot of factors. Are you okay with leather for daily wear, do you mind the bigger case size or the dressier look? It's not going to be as good in the water, or as durable overall in my opinion, although IWC does make a great watch. You're probably also looking at more money, and you're almost definitely looking at less value retention. You're probably going to replace the strap over time, and the chronograph -while a nice complication- is not overly useful for most people (the same can be said of the dive capabilities of the sub though).

I'd love to have a Portuguese in my collection, but again for me it wouldn't be my "only" nice watch.

You could look at a Daytona and get a little of both worlds. Slightly dressier chrono, but with excellent value retention and durability.

At the end of the day though, you're not looking at any bad watches. You need to decide what you like the best based on looks and features, then consider price, and if you can do it... Do it.


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In Australia, the Rolex Submariner Date retails for about $10,500.00. The IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic (Reference 3714) retails for just under $10,000.00, I believe. Pricing-wise, not a lot in it, both are iconic watches in their own right, both are extremely different watches. The Rolex has an in-house movement, the IWC does not. The IWC does not have a date feature but it does have a Chronograph complication. The Rolex comes with a bracelet, the IWC comes with a leather strap. The IWC wears larger than the Rolex. The list goes on. Try them both on, and buy the one that you LOVE.


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