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Tudor ETA or In-house

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Hi guys

I just went to my local dealer today to take a first hand look at the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. Waiuw it was so beautiful!

Now the guy informed me that Tudor is now making in-house movements to replase the ETA´s thay have been using. Now i am hesitating on buying the watch. My question is:

- Will the in-house movement give me a better and more precise watch?

- Should it hold the value better?

- Would service be more expensive?

I know that its har to answer these questions as they are most likely based on assumptions. But what do you guys think?

Thank you

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The in-house movement has a 70 hour power reserve, and a silicon hairspring; as well as being COSC certified. I don't know that you'll see a huge difference in performance from the ETA, but the improvements are very nice.

No way to know how the value will hold at this point. I suspect it will be better, although some have speculated that the ETAs could become collectible since they weren't made long. Look at a Zenith Daytona. Who knows.

Service costs will probably be higher, but service costs for a Tudor aren't too bad anyway.

More importantly: The Black Bay doesn't have an in-house, and Tudor hasn't claimed they're going to make one with it. I think we're all assuming they will, I mean why wouldn't they? But whether it'll be a month from now, a year from now, or never remains to be seen. If you like the watch, I wouldn't get too hung up on the movement at this point.


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Yes, the MT-5612 should be more accurate (or, at least, is guaranteed to be accurate), as it is a chronometer-rated movement. It also has a longer power reserve (by over 50%), and from the design of it, I would suspect it would be more stable over a long period of time (free sprung balance) and more resistant to magnetism (silicon hairspring).

That said, Tudor uses top grade ETA movements, so these perform extremely well also. I doubt you'll be disappointed in either, and the ETA movements will also have an ease and cost of service advantage over the in-house models.

The crucial point, however, is that the Black Bay will not be receiving the in-house movement in the foreseeable future. I've spoken to the higher ups at Tudor and they were quite explicit about their desire to keep using ETA movements in the majority of models, leaving the MT-56XX for pricier watches. I think it's a good call myself.

If you do want a Tudor diver with the MT-5612, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the new Pelagos--it'll be in stores in the very near future. If you prefer the look of the Black Bay, however, I wouldn't wait as I see no reason to believe that in the next 2+ years (probably longer than that) it will be updated.


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Yes, the Black Bay is a beautiful watch and I love mine! The Black Bay with an inhouse Tudor movement has not yet been announced. Logically, Tudor should at some stage put their inhouse movement in it. In response to your questions:

- Will the in-house movement give me a better and more precise watch? - 'better' is subjective. Longer power reserve is a bonus. It will be COSC Chronometer-certified so it will be very accurate but mine is fairly accurate so no worries there with the ETA movement

- Should it hold the value better? - I don't think so

- Would service be more expensive? - almost definitely yes


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