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A very happy new Rolex 116610LV owner

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Picked up my grail watch today! The Hulk sub!

I'm just wanting to share the love of this watch!

Obviously I'm over the moon, I love the way the dial catches the light and appears different shades of green and even black sometimes.

The glossy ceramic is stunning, and I think compared to other watches in this price point it really can't be compared to with brand hierarchy, heritage and down right style. (My opinion of course!)

Again (as you can tell) I'm grinning with excitement. The only downside is the AD wouldn't give any discount and I got a not to great price for my aerospace that I traded in as PX, but impulse to just buy buy buy it when I tried it on was to great and I accepted the deal!

So hear we have it, a brand spanking new 2015 Rolex Submariner Hulk, with a very excited and happy owner!


I will try and get some better shots later, these were taken as quick snaps on the iPhone.





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I have a bit of OCD when it comes to gaining and losing time, I know I know I know, it can't be helped with a mechanical watch. However I got my old Breitling Seawolf to +\- 1 second a day (on a ETA 2824 movement) and I was pleased as punch with its accuracy.

This Rolex (even though only 24 hours in) is still bang on with my atomic controlled Casio!

I've just done a regulation test on it, and I think the image speaks for it's self.


I'm going to do a comparison later (if I get time) between this and my explorer II (216570)

Just looking at them both, I would say that there both different styles but *daily* wearers, even being a cross over between sports and tool?..... So my next thought is selling the Explorer and getting a Datejust II, what's your thoughts?


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