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GMT MasterII ?'s

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I am looking at pulling the trigger on this watch. This guy was nice enough to let me test drive this watch for a couple of days to see how I like it and take it to an AD to have a look see inside. In the mean time I have some questions. The watch has an A SN witch I believe dates it to 1999 can anybody confirm this please? Second question is it only says "swiss" not swiss made at six o'clock. Is this right? The watch has lug holes is that correct for this vintage? How long does it take to open these puppies up and reseal them? This would be my first Rolex and I just want to get some peace of mine from some objective level headed folks


. Well you know what i'm saying. Thanks

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"Swiss" and "Swiss Made" correlate to the type of light-charged Lume used on the dial. Prior to 1998, I believe, modern Rolex dials featured the "T-Swiss" writing, which referred to the radioactive content of the Tritium used as lume. When Rolex first switched over to a light-charged illuminating substance, Luminova, the dials read simply "Swiss". I believe this was only for one year, perhaps 1.5 years. They quickly switched to Super Luminova, and since then the dials have read "Swiss Made". 1999 is right around the correct age for your dial to read "Swiss"...


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