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Gronefeld 1941 Remontoire Watch Releases

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As a Premium table fans, usually have a collection of watches preferences. But there is a new issue has been much concern Collectors: Which brand of watches will produce value-added? Watch added on this question, points long and short two categories. Short view is very simple: Rolex and Patek Philippe. Long view is more complicated, with value-added potential 一枚 will watch a number of factors involved. Including brand awareness, inheritance, unique, accessibility, and one of the most influential - demand of demand plays a very important role in the watch value.

Not too long ago, the remontoire, also known as a constant force mechanism, was one of the rarest, most scarcely encountered specimens of watch complications – and while it remains extremely challenging to engineer and produce correctly, it is true that we have been seeing more and more high-end brands add this age-old, and yet conceptually still highly fascinating device to their super-high-end watches. The very latest addition to this small, but expanding family of impressive remontoire timepieces is the Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire, that spices things up with a case design new for the brand and a genuinely beautiful, 258-part movement.

As you would expect, the movement is constructed in typical Grönefeld fashion: the bridges and cocks are all stainless steel (a big plus over the much, much more frequently used brass, because Grönefeld's steel bridges do look different to any rhodium plated brass out there), their centers have been micro-blasted to create a frosted effect and a truly mesmerizing contrast between the blindingly highly polished edges and screw-heads, and these recessed central areas.

Despite the amazing movement architecture and the neat constant force mechanism, I feel that Grönefeld might have missed a stellar opportunity to make this tribute even more interesting: adding a 30-second jumping minute hand would have made for a terrific homage to that old church clock, and also for a very cool complication overall. The running seconds are on display at the 6 o'clock position anyway, but to have a minute hand always advance to exactly between and then exactly onto the indices, I reckon, would have been not only a first, but also an impressive feature many would have appreciated.

Realistically thinking, to move such a big hand (and with it the hour hand) over such a long distance once every thirty seconds may be beyond the power limitations of a wrist watch movement, and if that is the case, then of course, I duly take back this remark.

The Grönefeld 1941 Remontoire will come in a 39.5-millimeter-wide case crafted from either white gold or red gold. Notably, the 18k white gold version is alloyed with Palladium 150, that allows for the omission of rhodium plating while still ensuring that the surface of the precious metal will not wear out or fade. At just 10.5 millimeters thick, it will without a doubt appear elegant and subtle on the wrist – something that clearly cannot be said about every constant-force-equipped timepiece. It is a new case design and one that looks unique and graceful, even. This is largely thanks to the excessive milling technique where, between different cuts, parts of the case are polished to allow for complex and yet beautifully finished concave recesses and convex surfaces.

The dial is made from 925 Sterling Silver with frosted and satin-grained surfaces, and should be highly legible with the flame-blued and mirror polished Lancette hands indicating the time.

A new case design and an evergreen, remontoire-equipped movement make this new release from the Grönefeld brothers notable. It is great to see that they have the capacity to develop new designs and work out new movements – especially ones that fit into such sensibly sized cases.

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