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Jimmy lee

How to buy Germany watches

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Germany has been focusing its Industrial building, like its many brands are world famous German car (Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen), the German sports brand (Adidas), the German electronics (Siemens), Germany cosmetics (Schwarzkopf), of course, German watch (Lange, Glashütte original) and so on.
In fact, on the table, the table in Germany and Switzerland table there are some differences, such as the German table is more emphasis on the eccentric dial design, like Lange and Glashutte Original has a lot of tables is such a design. There is obviously a large calendar, calendar German and Swiss calendar is somewhat different, in general, will use two windows to display calendar, show calendar bits and ten, clear at a glance, this personality and German characteristics related;

There is a movement in terms of accomplishments, and gooseneck tuning, 3/4 plywood, gold sleeve, blue steel springs are all Ashkenazi movement unique. Not to say that only the German table have such a technology, like a goose-neck fine adjustment, IWC, Panerai there, but not so well-known it, and then fine-tuning on the gooseneck, double gooseneck spinner is the most beautiful and Glasgow Sudi original double gooseneck trimming known as the world's most beautiful dual gooseneck.
Just general gooseneck trimming can only see the back of, but While this is rather special, Glashütte Original is a special movement inversion models, you can enjoy in front of the movement, the movement is not all Ashkenazi elements which have it? Although NOMOS style and its big brother and two different, but as a German watch also has a gooseneck fine-tuning, but also very beautiful, but the movement is carved and polished a little difference.
German table Brand
LANGE & SOEHNE (Lange) is a traditional German family of brands, is currently top of the pyramid field of Haute Horlogerie position, said to produce just 4-5 one thousand. GLASHUETTE ORIGINAL (Glashütte) originated in Germany city of watchmaking tradition and as for the brand name, by the watch factory from integration, the rapid rise after privatization, the use of the full range of their own movement. Lange is part of the Swiss Richemont Group, belonging to Glashütte SWATCH Group. These two brands have now been in China or have a special counter flagship store sales.
Army Table Style: German master best at chronograph technology, although most of the core group from ETA, but they modify the appearance and performance tuning down the foot work, and this is the same level of many Swiss products can not match. IWC (IWC), Laco (Longcom), Stowa and Wempe. ) LACO Production World War II Air Force B-UHR famous revival in recent years after the Israeli army insisted table style, table fans in Germany has been named the most cost-effective high-grade German table, rivet cowhide strap flying very unique. German special forces Navy tables are designated watch suppliers.
Low-end watch brand even more, more famous as STOWA, Junghans, DAMASKO, STEINHART etc, mostly use ETA movement, but polished and workmanship than the low-end Swiss watch better, I feel very good value for money of.
Berlin, Germany watch shop seemingly everywhere, but the real strength, but only two or three only. Here, we mainly Glaschtte Original Glashutte, Jaeger-Lecounltre LeCoultre, Rolex Rolex, Omega and Omega Cartier Cartier watch as an example to analyze the Berlin market. The reason for this choice, first, because the five basic brands everyone knows; second, because its positioned as high-end watches, more stringent control of the market, generally do not have the strength of the table is not eligible for the retail store right. Thus, we can easily cross the Berlin powerful query table stores the selection out. First, we have to see who watch factory authorized agent rights. Secondly, I see the number of the door to the shop. Then consider going to an authorized place to buy, buy discount more favorable consideration go to that, then you can get what you want up.

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