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How to buy watches for the first time

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Watches, already out of its original features, for the average person is an accessory, for some people it is a status symbol.

First watch brand to have a general understanding. Usually watch brand to hear more and more, such as Swatch, there will be general shopping malls counters, relatively young fashion, like Casio, work well, is relatively young, be it to the mature stage of transition, there are many luxury brands, various brands of watches, you can understand the brand and then see the price.

Then define their purpose to buy a watch. Married tokens, or just for decoration, or for collection. Different needs, willing to pay much money, choose a different price, the number of heart there.

And then go to the store at his watch. Choose a watch shop, watch shop look substantially. Assortment of watches, there are so few to attract your attention.

Let the clerk take your fancy try to give you a few. They are like watches, but does not mean you are suitable belt. Some brought to the wrist, to know good or bad.

Selected favorite watch, followed by price. General stores, then watch the price is a unified national price, nothing good bargain. Perhaps you can take risks scouring a network of parallel bars. Online buy watches, just buy a cell phone or something similar, there are really false.

If you bought in the store, you can spot your wrist according to the thickness, cut strap.

Keep watch warranty cards, invoices, etc., can be a problem in future warranty

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