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How to adjust the Swiss watch error?

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Swiss watch error is caused due to the Earth's gravity, plus personal wearing habits, ambient temperature, movement of material and other objective conditions have an impact on the accuracy of a Swiss watch. Accuracy table easily tune accurate, but if accurate low then there is some movement problems. For the Swiss end brands like, watch if there is no real problem within the provisions of certain error is normal.

On the market Swiss mechanical watch, because friction and fatigue structural features clockwork, information circle between the output torque transition from strong to weak, and the like clockwork and friction that occurs when the gear torque walks, Rhyme influence precision clock when walking. Further weather conditions and geographical location status, also on the normal operation of Patek Philippe watch mainspring affected. Current quartz, mechanical watches weaknesses restraint, causing extreme applications once per second quartz crystal constant dither initiative as a reference work, after dividing circuit dividing, then drive via gear motor micro-stepping or scanning pointer, indicating time, even so, but the use of quartz crystal temperature transition disturbed by also showing error, ordinary every day, speed is 15 seconds.

Swiss watch error is about how much

Swiss quartz electronic watches daily error less than 0.5 seconds, which is attributed to the first quartz watch quartz oscillator high and constant oscillation frequency. High frequency quasi-go affair, which is a reason people discuss how to progress in the long travel time accurate clock found in the process, the higher the frequency of the oscillator, the oscillation constant, the stronger anti-interference ability, the more accurate watch.

Swiss quartz electronic watches the oscillation frequency is 32768Hz, faster than ordinary mechanical pendulum frequency of 10,000 times per second 3Hz high, thus quartz digital watches to much more accurate than Swiss mechanical watches. Never minutes is not bad, Swiss watches practice does not exist, whether mechanical watch still has a stone-table error limitations, which limitations due to differences between countries and regions and the differences in terms of the ordinary, just a mechanical watch on the full string under conditions, when no more than a slow walk every day for 30 seconds, 30 seconds faster than simply not meet specifications, quartz watch is in the battery sufficient condition, speed not exceed 0.5 seconds, then fit the norm.
Swiss watch how to adjust the error

If you love sheet date error a few seconds, without having to find a professional technician to adjust, causing the Swiss watch generating principle error through the night to watch placed in a different position error adjustment according to Swiss watches gravity. If you want him along for a few seconds on the flat surface; walking if you want it, it stands up to upside down; go slow for some more, will head up the table stand up.

In normal conditions wear down, if walking is unstable, it is possible that the movement problems errors, which indicates that the movement needs maintenance.

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