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How to choose an exclusive gentleman classic men's watch?

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Watch the date of birth and then the gentleman has a bond, a different gentleman men's watch highlights different tastes, preferences and taste. The men watch itself like a gentleman, and gentlemen coincides with excellent qualities.

Gentleman dress elegant, polished manners, to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, the pursuit of quality of life and construction. Highlighting man's fortitude, perseverance, subtle, deep, generous personality and beauty of "outstanding, extraordinary grace."

The real gentleman is restrained and elegant. Like fire enamel men's watch, seemingly placid, bland, earnest play will find it exudes warm jade luster, which is the result under the precise control of firing numerous times. Experts define fire enamel need skilled and ingenuity of art, color and temperature of the game, a double Arts and Crafts stringent requirements.


Kala Zhuo Hua Cross star men's watch is a symbol of the highest quality. Never follow the crowd to stick respect for tradition, technological innovation, for art heritage and to maintain real independence.


Hour, minute, tourbillon, large calendar window display, when the moment, is divided into four hammer three questions Westminster chime sound of church bells, a small men's watch in receiving so much the content, but also so expensive treatment as it should be. Four hammer three questions asked in the table are difficult, Westminster Abbey church bell is tested to the highest standards three repeater bell.


Warm rose gold case surrounded by Seiko silver dial carved reliefs, lined with the classic Roman time scale, to set off the neat features exquisite hand-carved, men's watches elegance without too much decoration.


Chteau Latour oak have a perfect mellow burgundy color, giving top wines rich wine, men's watch will use oak more than 200 years of watchmaking material, the production of wine spirit and life watch designs injection. The reason mellow, must be accumulated time. Let the moment every second based on the 200-year history not everyone can do it.

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