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Novice buy tables need to understand four most frequently asked questions

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For people today, the watch has been more than just timing tool so simple. Learn some simple watch knowledge becomes very important, they can be either a leisure chat conversation, but we have chosen the weapon tables available tables.

Today, just to share with you the most novice to buy the table you need to understand four common problems, we want to help.

The difference between mechanical and quartz watches / which is good

By definition, while quartz is to rely on mechanical watches through chain drive and escapement purely mechanical travel time to achieve power to supply energy. In terms of products, when compared to mechanical watches quartz watch is bigger error, but the movement they have extremely long life; quartz watch keeps accurate, low cost, value for money is very good, but can be a collectible value often comes with the irrelevant. In general, if you love to watch or are interested in it, I personally still recommended to choose a mechanical watch.

Two master what we can discern mechanical or quartz watch within 5 seconds. The easiest two ways: one is to see the pointer move, mechanical watch escapement gear therefore rely pointer will continue to move seamlessly segment, while quartz watch is a grid at a "beating"; Further back through not say, robot table also dial printed with the words "aUTOMATIC" (robot) (currently the majority of automatic mechanical watches mechanical watches). In addition to two points, but some watch brand will use some of the features flag to reflect.
What Waterproof X m represent?

In everyday wear, the water is a very important data. So usually watch brand presentation referred to 30 meters, 100 meters waterproof and actually represent? First to note is that for a waterproof watch is not representative of the number of meters can dive underwater, but according to withstand under static pressure conversion from (atmospheric pressure equivalent to 10 meters per a hydrostatic pressure). Simply put, waterproof 30 meters belong to daily water, hand-washing or rain splash some water is not the problem; 50 meters waterproof to withstand wash a small amount of cold water; 100 meters, then you can take a swim; it applies on behalf of more than 200 meters in diving and other sports.
Manual winding and automatic winding difference?

For winding mechanical watches, divided into manual and automatic modes. Manual winding is used to store kinetic energy through manual screwing the crown and other ways to barrel; automatic chain swing to achieve "self-winding" through the arm when worn. Both contrast, Manual may at any time, and can control the power state clearly watch; automatic chain is more convenient, without manual operation, but this corresponds to ensure wear time and arm exercise.

Power reserve time is important?

The answer is yes. Power reserve time is the time a mechanical watch in the state can support the full chain of travel time time, insufficient power reserve, the watch indicates power is not enough, close to 0:00, will be allowed to watch, or even stop and go. So if you move a table storage time is short, it is inevitable to adjust frequently, cumbersome movement will increase wear and tear. Usually the market price of low-end mechanical watch movement in the reservoir for about 40 hours, this watch is likely to wear one day without need to re-tune, thus making the above figure like Tissot ho induced dynamic range of 80 hours in a watch store this aspect is very good, do not wear 2-3 days will not be affected. And by last year's flagship product, Tissot While this is not difficult to see that the watch brand also realized the importance of moving the reservoir, I believe not be long before we will see other watch brands to launch a similar product.

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