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5 Steps choose a value for money luxury watch

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If you want among the ranks of successful people, to choose the most appropriate one good watch, however, the big gathering not vote. Poly fashion today teach your five steps selected value-priced luxury watch

Watches are one of many fashion people to be optimistic about a single product the most investment value, successful people with a watch must be very outstanding.

1. This watch is which launched in?

Sounds fairly simple question, but it can be seen that sales level of understanding of a particular timepiece release date. Watch the latest price often the highest, and watchmakers often have models and features to improve, to update their watch collection. This is not to say you should buy the latest watch, but that the introduction of a longer-year old models of the watch may be, or there may be more difficult to buy. You will often surprised to find that salespeople often a particular timepiece available time actually completely unclear.

2. The movement of this watch with what?

You may not care about the answer, but the test is not a watch expert sales staff, the problem may be the most decisive. To answer this question in different ways, but you ultimately seek to answer is the exact name of the movement. Do not just stay in the "quartz" or "Automatic" movement this answer, continue to ask for more details, such as the name of the movement, who produced, as well as some details of the movement of the manufacturer. If necessary, let the sales staff access to reference information. We expect sales staff to remember details of all products they sell is not fair, but they should be able to fully and accurately answer your question in a few minutes.
3. What are the alternatives to choose from?

Most watches can be attributed to a particular class and style. This means that the same price there will be a variety of optional products. Rare watch was no competition. Most consumers in the purchase of an expensive commodity, all want to know what alternative products. To watch the sales staff asked the same paragraph competitive products which, as well as what they would recommend the experience to wear the same price as a similar watch. If you want to rise in the price of a stall or drop a file, you can always ask them through Which watch would recommend to achieve the purpose.
4. Maintenance costs how much?

Today's watch quality is far better than in the past, but most of the watches in use for a long period of time before need of repair or maintenance. Having said that, watches are still mechanical devices, mechanical watches in particular, need maintenance. Like all machinery, watches need maintenance, but fortunately not the number of your car as often. Quartz watch basically only need regular replacement of the battery, but depending on the model, some may require special care. Mechanical support once every few years Paul, which typically includes only cleaning and oiling. However, such maintenance is carried out in a watch shop might be expensive. Therefore, understanding the basic maintenance costs of a watch is a good idea, but also to take the test level sales professionals.
5. How to use this watch?

The most basic question is the most important. Many watch displays only time, often also display the date. More complicated watch with a timer, calendar, or other complex functions, but as complexity increases, learn how to properly use the watch of the difficulty also increased. Sales staff can ensure a comprehensive and detailed introduce to you how to use the watch, adjust its settings, there is a very important point is how we will not spoil it.

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