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Beginners must master watch purchase considerations

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A lot of people are the first to buy a table, worried about their lack of experience can not buy right. Here poly fashion watch purchase is said on the matter should be noted. How to buy a watch?
How to buy the watch? In fact, this is not even the senior table fans sometimes confused by the question, as the economic situation, aesthetic sense, the concept of brand, consumption levels and changes in grade, each table will have more or less lost their choice doubts.

First, we take a look at the average person plans to buy the table.
Step One: As a new workplace rookie, your budget may be around 5,000 yuan, slightly more to reach 10,000 yuan.
Step Two: After two years, some of their savings, began to dream of Longines, Tudor and other "name" table.
The third step: after three years of work more savings, or higher will consider Omega watches introductory paragraph, such nations.
Step Four: When middle managers, functional requirements began, moon phases, retrograde, timing and other functions into your line of sight.
Step five: to become senior leaders, Lange, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin began to enter the account.
Step Six: Identity position was not a problem to watch shift focus to complex functions, not three asked, tourbillon, perpetual calendar embarrassed to hand out.
How to buy the table, for the table, "step by step" is always thinking of many people, not only refers to watch, not just refer to your first watch, when we will be in accordance with the purchase of valuables thinking to consider.
Speaking in front of us ordinary people share table habits "step by step." But everyone knows, "step by step" is just a misunderstanding. As just entered the community or workplace is still working hard bottom, although we limited capacity, but always want to buy the most expensive watch Price watch within the capabilities.

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