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Five Advantages of Quartz Watches

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The difference between quartz and mechanical watches which is better? In fact, mechanical and quartz watches each have their own good, this depends on how you choose. Mechanical watches relatively preserved. But time did not associate quartz digital watches. Accuracy is the most accurate mechanical watch, quartz Spreadsheet functions most versatile. Poly fashion today gave us something about later five advantages of quartz watches it!

Before the original watch is mechanical watch, quartz watch then there is a battery as a power source, saving cost and complicated mechanical watches on the chain. It appears quartz watch, breaking the previous tranquility watch market, although it appears the time is not long, but it is overwhelmingly occupied a large part of the watch market. Become higher penetration watches category, sophisticated charm compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches to functional and practical, the price advantage and stylish qualities and so also won a large number of fans.

1, the price is relatively low quartz watch

Although the quartz watch is also extremely expensive, but compared to mechanical watches, quartz watches cheaper. No matter what technological innovation and progress to improve, once order to solve all the problems. In addition, the need for regular mechanical watches wash oil protection, protection nursed back to health spending is relatively large. This can also be explained from the side of the higher cost of quartz watches.

2, quartz watch maintenance is simple, easy maintenance

But for the quartz watch, the simple structure, easy maintenance advantages of so many ages. This greatly saves their time. Quartz watch repair Gaiyi nothing more than a regular batteries, as long as the selection of good credit quality clock repair shop and a matching good dry batteries, quartz watches living life certainly much more than mechanical watches. Since quartz watches, mechanical watches did not like that kind of wear problems, coupled with the use of the probability table to rarely, you can basically do not think the problem mechanical mill consumption, especially gear transmission.

3, quartz watch shape design potential

Various limitations no mechanical movement, quartz movement can do thinner or smaller, which gives the watch exterior design more space to play.

4, quartz watch high accuracy, small error

Now semi-automatic winding mechanical watches accounted for the majority, it is often faced with a problem, due to lack of exercise leads to wear watches power reserve is not enough, therefore occasionally stop and go. Then there is the total error count, error of mechanical watches day within plus or minus 30 seconds even in standard, but also a no error total down, while quartz watches ordinary ERROR will in about two minutes.

5, quartz watch SCIENCE function

For example, science and technology as the highlights of the Citizen Eco-Drive watches, the solar energy into electricity to turn the watch. Breitling Emergency watch also offers emergency relief purposes, the watch wearer in case a disaster were to open a help function watch, within 48 hours continuously transmit a distress signal, allowing rescuers to determine the location where the object is in distress. These practical and technological features are cool mechanical watches can not be achieved.

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