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Jimmy lee

How to Choose the Size of the High-end Watch

For readers to buy high-end watches, it is recommended to give small series of poly fashion is to grasp two criteria: the size of the table is loaded later choose to follow the principle of a suit; the other tables for later follow the principle of buy a car, the first grade.
Watch size from big to small, from small to large appears frequently, in fact, change the size of the watch dial designs even smaller than the change in frequency. If I have to watch the size of the trend to be a summary, we can only say that the size of the watch is more reasonable. That is, the great big, the little small. Their "large and small" really bring trouble is that the watch to buy big or buy small?

Important attributes of the watch as a modern human jewelry. But for the consumer is concerned, it can be divided into dress form, sports watch and dedicated watches. Where the first two categories can also be subdivided into dress watch, business watch, sports watch, leisure table.

After the breakdown, it can be more clear that the right to buy a dress form, rather small not big. The other tables on the contrary, that is rather large not small.
Philippe Stern, former president of Patek Philippe, the ideal size dress form should be between 33 to 39 mm. In 2006, Patek Philippe launched the 5960P chronograph watch sizes up to 40 mm. "It was determined the size of the movement." Mr. President. Today, four years later, the advent of completely customize the Patek Philippe chronograph movement (diameter 39 mm), proved no joke, president. Confucianism satisfied F.P.JOURNE views on the case size fully demonstrated ultra-high skill of a watchmaker. He said: "First of all I do is watch watch size, and then determine the size of the movement."

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