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Release Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Clarity Full Diamond Watch

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When Tonda 1950 watch full diamond dial elegant encounter charm, magic instant shine. In the inherited "subvert conventional" tradition, the Parmigiani is designed to highlight the focus on both the diamond and the true beauty of a little static, but dazzling mosaic layout for these extraordinary gems into the life.
Tonda 1950 simple smooth contour lines, with various harmonious appearance can dial communion, embodies the essence of the Parmigiani style. To highlight this absolute elegance, Parmigiani on the basis of the classic diamond bezel on the whole build Tonda 1950 Clarity diamond watch, so that the diamond has become the protagonist of the design for the watch gorgeous and stunning style and added a touch of vitality .
Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Clarity watch dial with five different sizes of round diamonds inlaid full decoration, size and location of each diamond have been precise calculation: the smallest diamond center, followed by a slightly larger, and this layout sketch after another round of design and calculation evolved - the smaller time scale distributed around.
As an extraordinary work, Tonda 1950 Clarity full diamond watch seemingly simple pattern hidden under the meticulous design. Each one has been carefully considered diamonds have played in this magnificent magnificent picture of the indispensable role, thereby generating a confused eyes "visual trap" (trompe l'œil), as if the entire dial is dome-shaped . When exposed to light the dial, pressing dazzling diamond natural bloom unique light.

The mosaic structure of the whole idea Tonda 1950 Clarity diamond watch exquisite complex and vibrant, Parmigiani once again confirms the extraordinary creativity. Total diamond decoration dial up to 620 (total weight of 2.495 kt), while the total number of diamonds on the bezel is also 84 (total weight of 0.6460 kt).

  Tonda 1950 Clarity full diamond rose gold case watch models with the same rose gold bracelets, showing very elegant overall effect. Platinum watch with mother of pearl calfskin strap, the leather fine luster create a glamorous modern look. And there is another decorative embossing pattern pearl calfskin strap, the better to highlight women's soft charm.

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