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Cartier Pasha watches - simple and stylish immortal pursuit

As everyone agrees, the Cartier brand represents the class, taste, wealth, nobility, faithfulness and timelessness on earth. Cartier will be pure jewelry manufacturer's image to more manufacturers, not only manufacturing jewelry, but also added a sparkling watch. Cartier Pasha The best Superocean watch was originally developed in 1932, specifically for the swimming champion Pasha. In order to wear activities in the water, the watch is made of excellent waterproof.

Cartier's Pasha and Rolex Oyster series in the watch enthusiasts soon occupied the market segmentation, and improve the temperature of the waterproof watch. In 1985, the development of the Cartier Paxi line continued to change, and more and more women also chose the design. Therefore, this model is not only for men to create, but also in the gender boundary also produced some female form. The male Pasha style is a solid, sturdy, large dial and a part of the military atmosphere that perfectly reveals the malice. Because of the changes in the 1980s, women began to like Pasha, so the best Swiss Cartier watch for ladies brought a larger feminine style, which had a dazzling gemstone grid.

Cartier Pasha de Ladies watch series uses a circular pattern to introduce the watch, you can observe the round Arabic numerals and mellow, sexy Glyph sun silver paint dial, because chronograph. Which looks similar to the natural experience of the Amazon rolex traces. The watch consists of platinum, gold, rose gold, with large surface and leather strap. It certainly shows unlimited stretch feeling like free. The dazzling diamond silently extends around the bezel, all like a delightful photo.

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