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Something of the watch

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First, let us consider the day difference

As suggested by its name may be the distinction between the amount of seconds each day, a wrist watch there's no doubt probably the most intuitive parameters is that he's also the most typical buddies to know the parameters. Industry standards are most likely -20 ~  40 are thought qualified range. This very day difference is going to be putting on the atmosphere, habits along with other reasons have altered!

Alongside understand the most crucial parameters, swing

Swing may be the balance from the balance wheel swing, backwards and forwards the position of rotation. General in our watch swing between 220 to 330, everywhere are terrible. High balance wheel rotation is simply too large compared to elastic modulus from the hairspring will accelerate your swing frequency brought on by pendulum, therefore the watch is going to be simple to go fast

If lacking the drive system includes a problem, for a lot of reasons, there might be in to the ash or within the foreign body brought on by it, it might be employed for a lengthy time within the sludge caused, so you have to obvious the foreign body or watch maintenance wash oil The

Artificial factors will also be brought on by the issue from the causes of your swing, for example violent movement, collision, may cause the total amount wheel swing. This case will watch the remainder after some time will gradually recover.

The next figure shows AB may be the lower and upper axis from the balance wheel, fixed within the ruby ??shaft, the shaft is extremely small, having a magnifier is visible, essentially 90% on the table isn't since the axis is damaged The main reason, because there's a surprise absorber protection, usually once the entrance from the shock absorber will lead to protecting the shaft, however when along side it from the fall once the shock spring will forfeit the function, you can easily cause swing Or from the shaft. Make the watch to prevent!

The final the first is polarized:

Polarization can also be known as partial swing, begin to see the word understanding may be the balance wheel bias, the middle of gravity in the axis, generally, the brand new table within  to .5 are thought qualified. That old watch the polarization is going to be bigger, this is because lengthy-term strenuous exercise brought on by side impact. Polarization can result in a bigger swing, the main difference will end up bigger. The primary reason would be that the polarization will raise the friction between your bearing and also the shaft, the friction from the natural require more capacity to advertise it, therefore the swing will end up low. Serious also cause shut lower don't go.

Buddies on the table to educate a understanding point, in case your watch side in the watch to visit, start and set away, you'll be able to judge it, it ought to be stop! This time around you have to switch the balance wheel!

These parameters are based on one another, to determine a poor watch bad, to 3 points together to determine. Stop determine the responsibility of the timepiece, and when your watch includes a problem, obtain the watch shop to correct, so they provide you with a test instrument using the test, this time around if you're able to comprehend the parameters, then it won't be Pit lie!

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