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IWC Watches Maintenance And Service

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Wear any watch are trying not to let the watch come into contact with the water even if the waterproof watch, because even the waterproof watch access to water, the water may accumulate in the watch inside. It is best to check whether the watch is working properly every day.

If your IWC watch needs service, repair, or restoration, You can find your closest boutique or authorized retailer with IWC store locator. Alternatively, you may contact IWC concierge for instructions on how to send your watch directly to IWC service center. Upon receipt, a specialist watchmaker identifies any functional or visible defects and then prepares a cost estimate for you. If you approve the scope of work as well as the costs, your watch will be repaired. 

When can a watch service turn into a costly nightmare and how can we avoid it?
There can be many reasons why a service repair can turn expensive. Some parts are pricey, like dials, for example. Also, if the watch is old, and parts are hard to get, or the movement is obsolete, even, then this can be extremely expensive, sometimes to the point of not even being worth it.

Another big one is water damage. That can get very costly if not dealt with soon. If there’s a lot of moisture inside the case, then parts can rust very quickly. So if you do notice water damage, then send it in as fast as possible to minimise the damage, or it will get more expensive day by day,recommended every two years in order to maintain the proper functionality and timekeeping of your timepiece. Once undertaken, you can be sure that all functions are working properly again.

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