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Citizen Eco Drive Watches – The Secret To Never Buying Another Watch Again

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Like lots of people, you've most likely were built with a watch or more

that you simply absolutely loved, however the battery went and died

eventually. What have you use it? Have you place it inside a drawer and

be done with it? Or possibly it's hidden somewhere inside a box lower

inside your basement? Most likely you didn't have time to consider it to

some jeweler to obtain the battery replaced. Chances are that the old

watch will finish as simply a relic of your time (no pun intended.)

What basically said that there's a business that designs watches whose

batteries won't ever run dry? There was a method to look for a stunning

watch that you'll adore, and never having to be worried about the price

and inconvenience of replacing battery power again? That there's a wrist

watch around that never must be connected to become recharged?

No it's not really a dream, this excellent technology really exists!

It's known as Eco Drive, which is available solely on products in the

Citizen Eco Drive Watch line.

What's Eco-Drive?

This is actually the procedure that Citizen watches use to harness

energy from any type of light sources, whether artificial or natural.

The power will be kept in a chargeable lithium-ion cell, that may be

billed continuously and run forever. Consider it for any second – a

wrist watch that will really serve you for a lifetime.

How Eco-Drive Helps the Atmosphere

Based on Citizen Watch Co, the Citizen Eco Drive watch line has

eliminated the disposal well over ten million batteries in The United

States alone. This really is big news for that atmosphere, along with a

bold step towards reducing pollution.

A History

Introduced around the world in 1996, these watches presented numerous

technological advances when compared with other solar-powered watches

available at that time. This leading edge technology eliminated the

requirement for large, noticeable power cells, and chosen sleek, elegant


The idea behind these watches was the Eco-Drive calibre 7878 movement,

that was the very first available. This permitted solar panels to become

mounted underneath the dial, that is translucent enough to ensure that

light goes through to power movement and charge battery. They are able

to increase to 180 days on secondary (stored) energy before requiring to

become recharged by contact with light.

If missing out on light to have an extended period of time, some models

will hibernate, and also the hands from the watch stop moving, however

the internal quarta movement movement continuously track time precisely.

When eventually uncovered to light, both your hands will proceed to the

right position and resume time keeping as always. To ensure that means

should you leave your watch inside a drawer say for several several

weeks, then remove it and expose it to light, it'll show the right time


Existence Expectancy

Based on reports from Citizen Watches, experiments says the solar panels

and secondary battery utilized in Eco-Drive watches can last for

approximately ten years. They further mentioned the lubricants utilized

in constructing these watches are made to help with durability, because

the oil won't harden or evaporate, even over twenty years.


Even though this is an uncommon occurrence, there has been instances

where persons have reported damage because of excessive heat during

recharge. Like a precaution, the temperature from the device mustn't

exceed 140 levels F. Some instances in which the watches have a tendency

to overheat are holding them as well carefully to bulbs.

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