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Some Questions and Answers about Watch Knowledge

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Mechanical watch travel time is affected by many factors:
The design of the movement itself is the primary factor affecting the time to go, this involves the content is too professional and in-depth, said more easily exposed to my only learning shallow, in short, the market most of the Swiss watch are mostly ETA movement, The error every day in 10-15S do not need to make a fuss, and the error will be accumulated, such as someone said my table a month fast or slow for a few minutes, the error time divided by the number of days, as long as the daily error does not exceed the previous said The range can be.
B. Lack of kinetic energy
This is the problem most people will encounter, especially in the automatic watch on the chain, the sales said the so-called 40-hour kinetic energy reserves, refers to the winding in the case of full chain to ensure that travel time 40 hours, and because Many people wear wrist watch when the amount of lack of exercise, even if wearing a full 8 hours (so those who sleep at night to wear a table, how to wear less time people, I also smiled), the clock is still not enough power, and Clockwork in the fast release of the first few hours before the watch will go too slow (that is to say when the mechanical watch the most accurate time is in the clockwork enough stage, and Lange and other brands are also to ensure that When the absolute precision, in the case of insufficient power to make the watch can stop the design directly). So if you encounter your watch walking slowly, the first consideration is the lack of kinetic energy, the test method is also very simple, manual winding around 40 laps, (automatic winding watch winding is generally not due to excessive The chain led to the fracture of the situation, so many laps did not have much impact) and then observe the walk, observe the error situation 1 day, and then on the chain, and then observe, repeat a few days later you can get the average error, and if the watch Or every day to slow to 15S away, it is necessary to consider is the need to maintain (5 years or so maintenance of the mechanical watch will show slow when walking, because the oil dry, the friction between the gears become larger), and in the 10- 15S, really heart uncomfortable, you can find the maintenance master fine-tuning about.
Household appliances are to let the watch by the magnetic (in fact, let the gossamer by magnetic, which affected the speed control system), and by the magnetic table will only show off when the fast, usually every day will be faster than 15S, But also to half a minute or more, take the repair point demonning like, if you want to test their own, you can buy a small compass, the watch from the compass near the surface to see if the compass will be driven, if the , The watch by the magnetic.
D. Wear situation
With a mechanical watch to participate in strenuous exercise, the wrist instantaneous acceleration will affect the watch, ranging from the impact of precision, while the damage to the movement, and lack of exercise will lead to lack of kinetic energy and so on (limit temperature difference, humidity difference Have a certain impact on the watch, but generally will not affect the daily use)

In summary, the watch does not allow the vast majority of the situation will not be the so-called "quality problems", there is a certain error is acceptable, the glass heart or choose the quartz watch it.

My watch is not that 50M waterproof, how is the water?
First of all to clarify the 50M parameters here is how to determine, refers to the "static state" under the watch can withstand 50M water pressure, that is, five atmospheric pressure, but only refers to the ability to withstand the pressure, If you really go swimming, watch and water contact pressure will be more than 5bar, watch the water is almost inevitable, so under normal circumstances 100M waterproof above the watch can bring shallow water swimming, in fact, we will recommend as much as possible 300M waterproof watch only to go swimming only insurance (and thus Rolex, Omega's professional waterproof watch are 300M waterproof above).
And 30M, 50M waterproof grades are living waterproof, can withstand the water droplets on the surface of the sputtering, but can not withstand the impact of water, so even if the impact of water when the wash is likely to cause water.
The most important, even the professional diving watch (waterproof above 300M), are unable to prevent the invasion of water vapor, because the gas molecules smaller, is likely to pass through the gap of waterproof apron, not to mention even if Not into the water, repeated experience of hot and cold temperature will make waterproof apron aging speed, affecting the waterproof function. So, wearing a rosy god horse to steam sauna, take a bath, or province it.
Also need to be reminded that:
Professional waterproof table are equipped with a spiral crown, after adjusting the time, please push the crown and spin lock, otherwise it will affect the waterproof function, and waterproof ring is the need to regularly check the replacement, the specific time Due to the use of the situation, the general 2-year test is better.

Case how easy it is scratched, not that is wearable it?
First of all, I understand that everyone suddenly found his beloved baby body scratched when the kind of heart like a knife twist feeling, but I am very responsible to tell you that this is unavoidable, even if hard as sapphire mirror, but also can be quartz And other particles of grinding, Moreover, these scratches like the time to leave the footprints, so that your watch engraved on your mark, many years later, accidentally found a piece has long been forgotten in the corner of the watch, Body engraved with the traces of the years, not very sad when the feelings of it?

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