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Why do I buy a watch?

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Why buy a watch? This is a lot of people will ask someone and ask yourself a question. Many friends often have questions, why buy a watch? A lot of friends asked me, why do you buy the watch? I said "like". They asked why you "like"? I thought for a long time, but also observe the contrast of many friends, and then have today's own answer.
Aesthetic needs and their hobbies
"Aesthetic needs and their hobbies determine our play watch"
"Why do we buy the watch"? I think that compared to the watch brand, noble sense, history, culture or complex technology, and so can not touch things, more basic and key reasons, should be a person " The need and their own hobbies.
Everyone, after satisfying the basic needs of food and clothing, will turn to the spiritual pursuit. Jaycee name to take drugs, and I choose to pursue beauty.
The pursuit of "beauty" should exist in all aspects of life, eat a taste of taste and taste of the dinner is a beauty, drink a bottle of good wine to drink a cup of coffee is a beauty, live beautiful hotel is a beauty, It is a beauty, a good travel is a kind of beauty, wear fit and good clothes is a beauty, enjoy a painting, a beautiful porcelain is a beauty, beautiful eyesome Girls are also a sense of beauty ... ... most of the satisfaction of life should be derived from beauty, and I buy the watch is also based on the needs of this aesthetic. Although the watch is small, but between the inch of things worth pondering too much, in my case is a good toy.

Why buy a watch, not the other?
Such as car yacht aircraft, such as furniture porcelain antique, such as painting sculpture jade ... ...
I understand this:
Porcelain and furniture, paintings and sculptures ... ... from the aesthetic can really find a lot of good works, I also like. Traveling around the world, one of the favorite projects is to go to the size of the Museum of Fine Arts, but just look and can not afford it. Porcelain jade painting sculpture can not afford to buy furniture, furniture and photography I'd buy some, but compared with the watch, they are difficult to carry, and there is no one of the "price parameters", and watch in this point a lot of. Most of the watch in the secondary market has a relatively clear price standards, according to the "market price" and historical transaction price records, we can roughly determine each brand each section of the approximate price range; and cars and private aircraft, remove Very individual antique level, in fact, they are more like a "tool", rather than "toys", bring little aesthetic pleasure. Yachts, especially sailing is a fun toy, but by geographical and seasonal restrictions too much ... ...
More important is that antique, jade, paintings, sculptures, porcelain, furniture, yachts, airplanes, cars, etc. are not easy to carry, storage requires a lot of space ... ... contrast, do not spend too much money, Easy to store, 365 days a year multiplied by 24 hours can always enjoy to carry, watch is an excellent choice, very realistic choice.

In the field of play a lot of friends in the field of the same, do not understand the fun of their own watch, and therefore did not come from the heart of the watch to buy the watch, but listen to people to buy symbols, buy a mechanical watch Swiss watch, and then buy Longines TAG Heuer , And then buy a self-produced movement, and then buy the top ten watches, buy a variety of ranked first, buy the first brand Patek Philippe, buy limited, buy the calendar, buy enamel, buy an independent watchman ... ... just buy the sign, then spend More money, have the pleasure can never be maintained for too long.

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