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Do not buy expensive only buy right, Rolex most worthy of the watch TOP10 large inventory!

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If your life can only choose a table, I believe that the vast majority of people who understand the table will choose ROLEX. In fact, there is a little understanding of Rolex people know, durable, easy to travel, high hedge, these characteristics have determined its status in the watch industry, it is difficult to brand beyond. So Zou teacher recommended 10 Rolex classic style watch for everyone! If you do not say your love, welcome message added.

TOP 10: Explorer II

Rolex Explorer Explorer II watch compared to explorer Explorer I, although the history is short, but the selling level is not lower than the probe I. The Rolex Explorer II, which was devalued in 1971, not only inherited the extraordinary traditions of the original Rolex explorers, but also the unique style, which was designed specifically for sports adventurers, showing his ruggedness. Contains the spirit of courage and fear, and the perfect fusion of nature, athletes can not miss the choice.

TOP 9: Day-Date

Day-Date as Rolex's classic watch, at the time of birth, the designer will be the best, the most stable movement installed in the above, but also with a heavy precious metal and the latest patented technology. Rolex was the reason to launch Day-Date, because they had to get the calendar week jumping patent, breaking the double calendar watch show the dilemma. This change makes Day-Date the world's first watch on both the calendar window and the full-time week. In the next few decades has been used in such a design, known as Rolex's "flagship."

TOP 8: Deepsea

Rolex's Deepsea series is the result of decades of cooperation with professional divers, which is a top-of-the-line diving watch for unique craftsmanship. The unique watch is made with 18ct gold, easy to recognize, and most of the craft Production, and strive to perfect.
In terms of professionalism, Rolex's Deepsea series of diving watch straps are equipped with an oyster-type buckle to prevent clippers from opening in unexpected situations, while using unique innovative technologies such as the Ringlock system. The newly designed patent case structure can withstand underwater 3900 meters of pressure, equivalent to the mirror to withstand the pressure of 3 tons. Zou teacher that this is no exaggeration.

TOP 7: Yacht-Master 40

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 translation called the yacht Mingshi watch, this classic sailing table for the first time to meet the rose gold gold chocolate surface appearance, full of vitality, but without losing elegance. Both suitable for wearing sail voyage, can also be accompanied by yacht club held a variety of activities, calmly deal with any occasion. Watch waterproof, accurate, reliable, 18ct rose gold two-way rotation 60 minutes scale outer ring easy to identify. Matte matte outer ring to three-dimensional polished figures and scales are very prominent, creating a unique image of Yacht-Master. In 2015 by the top of the Observatory certification, to ensure that its top-level superior performance.

TOP 6: Datejust 41

Whether it is the eternal aesthetic elements or excellent function, Rolex Datejust is a classic model of the classic watch. From the aesthetic point of view, different models Datejust watch after years of baptism, still retains the original aesthetic elements, so that he became the history of Rolex's most famous, one of the highest-definition watch. The Datejust 41 watch with gold and eternal rose gold and steel style, noble and gorgeous, fascinating, aesthetic and functional perfect combination. Zou teacher also gray often like.

TOP 5: Yacht-Master II

Yacht-Master II, yacht second generation is Rolex active products in the most complex of a watch, spent more than 10 years of effort, can be said to be a comprehensive breakthrough in the complex design, to achieve a strong stability, so that It became a generation of classic. Equipped with a count for the sailing competition for the countdown function, is the world's first mechanical memory with the countdown function of the chronograph.

TOP 4: Milgauss

Rolex Milgauss made a green glass table made with a combination of light blue dial to create a more lively and dazzling vision, from the front of the watch mirror is transparent colorless, metallic luster of the blue dial into the front, but from the side Side can see the mirror glowing special green luster, with a orange lightning type second hand, and large luminous time scale and orange minute scale, a strong color contrast so that only the world of science monster increasingly steal the mirror.

TOP 3: Cellini Dual Time

Cellini Dual Time watch, allows the wearer to master the time of different regions, was double-edged sword-shaped large central pointer, and the clock can also be connected by "beating" for independent adjustment, showing the time zone, Will not affect the normal operation of the watch or self-winding movement of the timing accuracy. With simple and elegant lines, noble magnificent material, and exquisite luxury modification and perfect details of the rules highlight the traditional style of the classic watch and elegant temperament.

TOP 2: Cosmograph Daytona

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963, designed to meet the professional endurance racing driver design, with a reliable speedometer scale outer ring, the highest speed up to 400 km per hour. This iconic watch and racing drivers to pursue the spirit and superior performance is exactly the same, high-tech and extraordinary aesthetics together, is now among the classic chronograph series, become a world-renowned, much-time watch.

TOP 1: Submariner Date

Submarine Date has always been Rolex's hot models, its popularity even if the full range of products are the most numerous, the golden crown of the gem is to highlight its extraordinary position, inherited Rolex strong and durable characteristics, it can be said for The next series of water ghosts made a very good example. I think this is the dream of many people.

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