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I want to buy a Rolex!

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The Rolex Brand is my favorite Watch brand!

Rolex, a legendary watch brand, accurate and durable reputation of the industry, I have heard such a word, the world's most understandable table and most people do not understand the table will buy Rolex, which also indirectly illustrates the Rolex's success. Today's watch house will bring you Rolex brand history comb, from the watch series to the brand's major events.

 Rolex brand founder Hans Wilsdof (Hans Wilsdof)

     Rolex was founded in England by the German Hans Wilsdof in 1908, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis (W & D), a partnership with British Davis. Rolex is the famous Swiss brand, according to legend in the quartz storm period, the Swiss government shot to keep the two watch brands, one is Patek Philippe, another brand is Rolex. It is said that Rolex has a certain Swiss official background. Rolex's stake is held by the Wilsondorf Foundation, and the Welsdorf Foundation is the founder of the Rolex brand founder Hans Wilsdof, who founded his wife after his wife's death To ensure that the company remains independent, not to be acquired by competitors or become a public company. But it is said that the Swiss National Bank has a stake in the Stewart Foundation, but what is the specific situation we can not know.

 Rolex launched the first Oyster watch in 1926

      Speaking of Rolex will have to mention is its unique Oyster watch, Oyster case in the history of contemporary watchmaking set an important milestone, Rolex was invented in 1926, mainly using screw-in outer ring, bottom cover And the middle case of the crown, greatly increased the watch in the waterproof above the ability. Today, the minimum waterproof standard Oyster watch is 100 meters, only authorized Rolex watchmakers can only with a specific tool assembly movement.

 1927 Messi Si Gilles wearing a Rolex Oyster watch across the English Channel

      To prove the waterproof performance of the watch, must be able to provide evidence. In 1927, the young British lady Mercedes Gleitze (Mercedes Gleitze) wearing Rolex Oyster watch successfully cross the British Strait. After swimming for more than ten hours to reach the finish line, she wore the watch is still no harm, run as usual.

 Rolex launched in 1931 the first Oyster constant movement watch

     Rolex in 1931 launched its first Oyster constant-action watch, the biggest feature is that it is equipped with a constant swing pendulum, with the wearer's wrist activities in a two-way way around the central axis of natural swing, for the watch Sustained and stable source of power. This is the first watch can be two-way watch movement, the significance of self-evident.

 In 1945 Rolex launched the first log-type watch

     Log series watch is a very large series of Rolex watch, since the introduction of the first chapter in 1945 since the watch, on the concern, is one of the most classic series of Rolex, log-type watch is also the first The watch on the watch surface shows the date of the watch.

 In 1953 launched the Oyster Air Overlord watch

      In 1953, Rolex launched our well-known empty tyrants series of watches, Rolex's official information in the current has no air of the introduction, are replaced by Oyster constant-action series, so the empty Pa series will become history , Will only exist Oyster Hengshui series of watches. Oyster-style constant movement series watch is a series of Rolex, in all the series is the lowest price of a series, so would like to buy a Rolex entry-level watch that is certainly the purchase of Rolex Oyster constant movement series watch.

 In 1953 Rolex launched the first explorer watch

      In 1953 Rolex launched the first explorer-style watch, is designed for the adventurers to create the watch, which not only has the accuracy of precision timepieces, and in the harsh environment is still able to operate as usual.

 1953 Rolex launched the first submarine watch

      1953 Rolex launched the first submarine-type watch, the world's first waterproof depth of 100 meters of the watch, the same year the acquisition of patent three buckle crown, to strengthen the case of sealing, so that the depth of water to 300 meters.

 1955 Rolex launched the first Greenwich watch

      In 1955 Rolex launched the first Greenwich watch, Rolex and Pan Am (Pan Am) jointly developed for its international route pilots, with dual time zone display function, the traveler, this feature is very useful.

 In 1956 Rolex launched the first week calendar watch

      In 1956 Rolex launched the first week calendar type watch, since 1956, has become a distinguished model Rolex watches, because all of its watch all the precious metal material to create, no steel watch. The week calendar type watch is the first calendar watch to show the week.

 In 1956 Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS watch

     In 1956 Rolex launched the first MILGAUSS watch, MILGAUSS watch is as a professional anti-magnetic watch and launched, resistant to 1000 Gaussian high-intensity magnetic, much by scientists and engineers love, its unique lightning second hand design Its unique highlights.

 Deep Sea Submarine in 1960

       In 1960, the trial of the deep-sea submarine Trieste (Trieste) successfully sneaked into the Earth's deepest Mariana Trench (Mariana Trench). Navy captain Don Walsh, who was at the helm of the Trieste ride with Jacques Piccard, set the unprecedented deep sea adventure feat. Deep Sea Submarine and Rover Experimental Watch, which is tied to the submarine's outer hull, Deep Sea Special is back from the surface of the sea at 10,916 m (37,800 feet)

 In 1963 Rolex launched the first cosmic meter Dieton watch

      In 1963 Rolex launched the first cosmic meter Dieton watch, is every Le Mans and Rolex Daytona 24 hour endurance race winner. A tachometer with a calculated speed on the outer ring. Accurate timing and up to one eighth of a second. Driven by Rolex's outstanding 4130 chronograph movement.

 In 1967, Rolex launched the first sea-made watch

     In 1967, Rolex launched the first sea-style watch, is between the submersible and DEEPSEA products, waterproof performance is also very good, smaller than the size of DEEPSEA, the thickness of the two between the two. And DEEPSEA, calendar display window is no big blister design, watch the water depth of 1220 meters.

 Launched in 1971 the new Explorer II series watch

        For the face of serious challenges faced by professional explorers. Whether in-depth heart, or through the night of the North and South Poles, unique orange pointer to 24 hours, clear instructions day and night. Patent Parachrom gorgeous and Paraflex cushioning device to ensure that the watch is still in a severe environment is accurate. For the adventure and carefully designed, as long as the brave to explore, will be inseparable.

 In 1982 Rolex launched the latest Greenwich II watch

       In 1982, Rolex launched the latest Greenwich II watch, the Greenwich type by the Pan American Airlines pilots to support, as the aircraft on behalf of the Observatory watch. Classic dual time zone watch, equipped with arrow-shaped 24-hour pointer and progressive scale rotary outer ring. In 2005 the assembly of Cerachrom outer ring, extremely resistant to scratch, corrosion resistance, color and gloss lasting. For the close contact with the world, bring style fashion, the perfect way of navigation.

 1985 using 904L stainless steel

        Rolex is the first choice of 904L stainless steel to build all the stainless steel case leader watch brand. This material is commonly used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industry, its excellent anti-corrosion can be comparable with precious metals, retouching after showing a unique luster.

 In 1992 Rolex launched the first yacht Ming Shi watch

        In 1992 Rolex launched the first yacht Ming Shi watch, equipped with platinum or gold system of two-way rotating outer ring, accurate record of voyage time. Its unique dial, configure the big day mark and pointer, to ensure easy reading. To ensure that the water depth of 100 meters. Excellence in time, exposure to land and sea as reliable.

 In 2007 Rolex launched the new yacht Masters II watch

        Especially for the sailing competition designed chronograph watch. With a unique countdown function, with 10 minutes to 1 minute mechanical memory programming. Whatever the environment, it is still legible. Patent Ring Command Rotary outer ring for its characteristics, in addition to the ring with the watch movement linked. An unprecedented combination of sophisticated structure and simple operation.

  Rolex launched the first DEEPSEA watch in 2008

       Rolex launched in 2008 the first DEEPSEA watch, ROLEX DEEPSEA watch compared to the sea to make the watch has a larger table diameter, more solid watch thickness. The watch also has the waterproofing effect of the model with a waterproof depth of 3900 meters. It is a craftsmanship of the exclusive Roger watch, equipped with patented Ringlock system, which includes a nitrogen alloy inner ring, light and indestructible. Can withstand more than 3 tons of force, and can reach 3,900 meters depth. , When the body in the environment, reliable and solid is essential, professional divers is highly respected.

  2009 Rolex launched the new log II watch

        2009 Rolex launched the new log II watch, compared to the biggest change in the watch is the watch diameter increases, the movement replaced the new shock, made the upgrade.

  2012 Rolex launched the first SKY-DWELLER watch

       2012 Rolex launched the first SKY-DWELLER watch, specifically for the global business travelers and the excellent watch. The red triangle indicates the time in place; the regular pointer indicates the time in the second time zone. Patent calendar device, equipped with Salon system, intelligent distinction between 31 days and 30 days Satsuki, precision and reliable, unparalleled. Ring Command Rotates the outer ring to ensure easy setting. Rolex's creativity is most vividly. Came out with 14 exquisite patented technology.

  Rolex launched in 2014 the new series of Chilini watch

     The Chelini series is the form developed by Rolex in the 1960s. The name comes from Beneweduo Chelini, who is the representative of the Italian sculptor of the second half of the sixteenth century, art critic, and the styleist sculpture character. Former gold and silver craftsmen, after the influence of Michelangelo, began to produce large-scale sculpture. Chelini series is to promote the art of design concepts, research and development of a series.

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