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Learn about Vacheron Constantin's life

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Vacheron Constantin VacheronConstantin began in 1755 Europe, among the world's earliest watchmaking factory, the earth's top watches, Europe Richemont Commercial Co., Limited.

The earth's most well-known watch brand, among the world's earliest watch brand, watch the industry's most esteemed brand of the trademark, the planet famous label, the planet famous label, one.

In the center of the 18th century, Jean-Marc Vacheron, who had been only 24 years of age, founded their own watch studio in Geneva using its remarkable skills. After 2 . 5 years of highs and lows, Vacheron Constantin remains the most esteemed brand within the watch industry one. In 1755, by Jean-Marc Vacheron style of the silver table, enamel plate number coated with Roman numerals, is Vacheron Constantin's first watch works. In 1839, Vacheron Constantin created a revolutionary watch production. Mr. Leschot introduced by the raised leveraged escapement, 2 yrs after the prosperity of development and research success. In the watch factory started to achieve the foundation of industrialization, Vacheron Constantin in to the parts with mechanical pre-created, and hands to become created, and watchmakers tend to be more enough time to use creative talent within the creation, obviously, Vacheron Constantin also resided within the watch industry's advanced status.

In 1880, the device area of the watch and also the watch started to split up production. In 1880, made the Maltese mix trademark, later on the trademark has turned into a representation of Vacheron Constantin. In 1881, Vacheron Constantin a piece through the Yale College as treasures 1910 Vacheron Constantin after numerous years of research experiments, made the decision to participate the timepiece production, would be a new trend. In 1928, a 18K gold pocket watch "big complex" emerge, together with a minute count. As the other surface is really a pointer to point, noisy alarms, calendar, moon profit and loss display along with other functions, limited manufacture of three. In 1929, the marketplace made an appearance a pocket watch. Golden watch engraved with a set of Egyptian royal arm, the Egyptian colonies in Egypt towards the Egyptian King Fu Aide gift, with half an hour, about a minute count and calendar along with other functions.

In 1967, Vacheron Constantin took part in the campaign "the thinnest table selection", and also to launch a computerized table, coupled with 4000 parts, your body is just 2.45 mm thick, can be defined as a brand new achievement. In the last 220 years, Vacheron Constantin has carefully collected its past works, as much as 400 pieces. From 1755 onwards, Vacheron Constantin made every table, correspondingly, in the interiors and the body number. Based on these marks, about 2000 in the file to recognize the initial style. This could show the initial Vacheron Constantin watchmaking process, determine the best choice of today's table altar. In December 1997, Vacheron Constantin grew to become part of Vendome Luxury Group, that was accountable for the general operation and marketing from the Cartier office in Taiwan.3648357_s210.jpg.13a18673c872a7d7487c207b14db2fd6.jpg

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