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Design Audemars Piguet watches for ladies

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The Swiss watch manufacturing company Audemars Piguet vibrant masterpiece - the brand new Royal Oak Series women's watch, the combination of high-level watchmaking art and mosaic decoration process, for example Star-like vibrant, created for the initial

For that jewel mosaic from the application, at first from the birth of women's fashion is becoming a vital element. Colorful gemstones, very obvious diamonds, not just has got the form of the ornamental type of the ornamental meaning, but additionally using the bezel, dial the right mixture of time for you to show the pragmatism in the introduction of women's timepieces, Audemars Piguet is going to be decorated The brand new royal oak series women's watch having a unique jewel inlaid design, swirling engraved gemstone pattern in the dial and bezel spread towards the strap above, as though drilling stars, flowing within the wrist. Situation and dial to 541 vibrant cut diamonds to produce a charming visual effects, swirling mosaic pattern appears like an arbitrary design, actually, each location includes a precise consideration, and also the perfect fusion from the Royal Oak Series unique design, as abstract painters around the canvas on nov the strokes, apparently random, but unique meaning.

33 mm diameter from the new Royal Oak Series ladies watch with 18K rose gold or platinum situation, clearly show Audemars Piguet inside a unique method to superb craftsmanship, design innovation and magnificence from the perfect mixture of elegance. The brand new royal oak series women's watch would be to break the diamonds inlaid immutable routine, inside a apparently random way embellishment within the situation, bracelet and dial different location, filled with freehand beauty.

Royal Oak Series Frosted Gold "Frost Gold" watch without using diamonds inlaid underneath the premise of just the situation and bracelet century good reputation for the hammer gold craft, you are able to achieve as vibrant as diamonds decorative effect.

Royal Oak Series "Frost Gold" watch suitable for advanced jewellery craft tradition, using the ancient hammer gold craft (also referred to as the Florentine craft), the right use of the initial structure from the Royal Oak Series situation and strap, effort to produce vibrant shining platinum Using the rose gold material masterpiece. The hammering process utilizes a tool having a gemstone at the very top hitting the top of gold, creating a very subtle notch, showing a gemstone-like vibrant effect. This uncompromising craftsmanship results in a unique texture which makes the timepiece surface much more vibrant within the light, as though the heavens were moving during the night.

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