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Panerai PAM00111, forever classic

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1997  for Panerai is an extremely important year, Richemont will Panerai into its own, and then help Panerai in Italy to set up an authorized distributor network. The next few years, Panerai began in the field of international watches and clocks outrageous, launched the Luminor series, when there are two watches: Luminor and three Luminor Marina. Although the history of the Luminor series is the shortest, but it is the Panerai joined Li Feng Group, began to formally enter the civilian high-level watch market in the field of the first series, when Panerai as a just entered the field of the brand, The market demands nothing to know, it is also holding the attitude of trying to see, and did not before the military version of the shape of the full copy, but do more in line with the public aesthetic of some changes.
The first is the size, we know that the original size of the Panerai are 47 mm, to know that the size was absolutely unimaginable at the time, so Panerai at the time in addition to the introduction of a limited edition of 60 mm 421 outside (this The performance is already astronomical), the rest of the table are reduced to 44 mm, even 44 mm, 17 years ago is still a very Guards size. It is from that time onwards, the big table began to rise gradually.

Followed by the shape of the case, Luminor case to retain the crown under the premise of the bridge, no longer use the 1950 four corners of the tip of the pillow case, into a four straight straight under the oval case, bezel shape has become More concise, the same is the ear is still integrated with the case shape. Although this is more modern, but I personally think that from the back and side to see the past, are missing some level and texture. Luminor's crown bridge is no longer engraved with the original "Reg.tm" inscriptions and showing a closer look to the square appearance, with the bridge lever lever is also the same as the 1905. Become more straight and small, of course, all this all, are to make Panerai become more modern fashion, better fit the market, and as people understand the Panerai deepening, and now more and more Many people still prefer the retro taste more concentrated Panerai.
historic version
Luminor Panerai as the most close to the family, while retaining the Panerai many classic elements at the same time, the movement has also been to 6497-based OPX / XI-based movement, although this movement through the Paner Sea all-round modification, but still because it is not self-produced movement and widely criticized. And when the birth of the P.5000 self-produced movement, not only complain less voice, but also the Luminor series of the overall birth of a grade, so I think again that the series of historical versions of the time, Two parts, one is OP watches, one is P.5000 watches.

OP watches, the series, whether OP or P watches, all sizes 44 mm, and I personally think that the size of 44 mm can really fit the wider crowd, the current version of the Luminor OP watch a total of 9 wrist Table, which I think the most worth buying is 111, first of all from its name we can see this table domineering, it is the Panerai joined Li Feng Group launched the first watch, it is also Luminor Series of the first watch, it is the first Panerai for the civilian market to make changes to the first table, by virtue of these three first, you can fully understand I put it as the most important reason for the watch The

Basic movement: ETA 6497-2
Movement diameter: 36.6 mm
Vibration frequency: 21600 hours per hour oscillation
Gossamer: Nivarox gossamer
Suspension: Incabloc shock
Number of stones: 17
Power reserve: 56 hours
Appearance error correction
Table diameter: 44 mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Dial color: black
Shape of the dial: round
Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass
Strap color: dark brown
Strap material: leather belt
Clasp type: pin buckle
Clasp material: stainless steel
Back through: back through
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
The following figure is the ultimate version of PAM00111, completely counter one by one, notch shock, this table is 316L stainless steel integration forged, exquisite workmanship perfect, advanced sapphire mirror, with exquisite brown calfskin, carrying seagull complex Carved 6497-2 movement, stable and lasting quality. Like Panerai's friends should be aware of its positioning for the sports, leisure areas in the high-end watch. Design style for the masculine, water chestnut clear, rough open large table models, combined with its precision machinery and excellent quality, in recent years won a lot of friends of the table friends.

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