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Watch the maintenance of the watch

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First, watch the issue of sealing.

Most watches are marked as waterproof, for example 30M, 50M, 100M and so forth. There's a component that isn't waterproof. Even though it is marked like a waterproof watch, but absolutely can't put on to clean the sauna and hot bath, since the pad following the cold shrink, heat in to the sealed capsule, can't emerge, resulting in the mist isn't timely treatment, leading to corrosion, Rust, so watch watches are only able to be worn under normal conditions. Actually, the timepiece waterproof mainly depend on a small amount of rubber ring may play a role, a lengthy time rubber ring is going to be aging, lack of elasticity following the gap, it can lead to water, intake, to regularly switch the sealed rubber ring to make sure that the timepiece waterproof.

Second, the mechanical operation from the problem.

Watches are usually mechanical watches, mechanical watches rely around the gear operation, the timepiece will indicate the number of drill watches, the number of drilling isn't that the amount of diamonds watch, but the number of gears watch the shaft is using drilling , Generally with artificial diamonds rather, because of put on resistance of artificial diamonds, therefore the table more drill, watch relative travel time longer. However the gear from the watch cannot be difficult to use this type of gemstone material to process, it may just use steel like a wheel, watch the smaller sized it, the axle the greater fine, thousands of revolutions every single day completely depend around the drill within the trace Oil to lessen the deterioration, when the oil dry, the axle within the dry put on, a couple of years lower, the existence on the table can come.

Third, the look of maintenance.

Watch the look of the overall utilization of K gold, K platinum, senior animal leatherKay gold Even though the primary raw materials are gold, however the hands from the sweat is acidic using the corrosion from the air, with time is way in the new time is gorgeous, which requires frequent cleaning and polishing, to ensure that watches remain fresh. If it's K platinum, a lengthy time outdoors the silver layer of white-colored put on, which uncovered gold, there's no white-colored before, so likewise need regular maintenance white-colored, to be able to maintain lengthy and new. Leather strap much more to state, perspiration corrosion can make the belt premature hardening cracking, normal maintenance should avoid sweating and wet days putting on a belt table. When the watch consists of steel covering, frequently polished renovation, better reflect its value.

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