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Cartier launched a new mysterious tourbillon blue pendant table.

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Cartier Cartier in this year's table show a Tourbillon Mystérieux AzuréPendant Watc mysterious tourbillon blue pendant table, this breathtaking precious works whether it is pendant, watch or round carving? This work transparent mysterious, gorgeous bright , It is unforgettable.

Cartier beyond the process territory, the release of fantasy charm. Graceful night butterflies dancing, witness the time long flow ... ...
Layers of the lines around the composition of pendant shape, just like a butterfly. Wings to create sapphire, trunk is inlaid dazzling diamonds. Works show deep graceful color, is clearly rare rare butterfly. The iconic double mysterious tourbillon is located in the center of the transparent dial, as if suspended in the air. Round Pendant Equipped with a geometric pattern diamond necklace, inherited Cartier variable jewelry craft tradition, pendant at the bottom of the 25.93 kraska oval sapphire can be easily removed.

Top jewelry and advanced watchmaking seamless fusion, the achievements of this extraordinary refined masterpiece. Sophisticated machinery hidden in the pure jewelry shape, the complex structure is amazing. For Cartier, the back of the work should be equally delicate and moving. In the transparent table under the back, after careful movement of the movement revealed. So masterpieces can not be cast overnight: craftsmen spent a total of 2,050 hours, equivalent to 17 months had just completed.

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