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The history of Zenith

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Founded in 1865, the founder of Georges Favre-Jacot (Georges Favre-Jacot). 1911 named Zenith Zenith. As of 1920, ZENITH has produced more than 2 million watches. 1960 launched the 5011K movement laid the true force of the King of the Observatory's position. Early in 1969 EL PRIMERO movement, shocked the entire watch industry and the media sector, after more than 1,000 times the improvement has become one of the benchmarks in the history of the Swiss watch. 1994, designed and manufactured the best movement in Switzerland ELITE. In 1999, ZENITH joined the LVMH Group with superior design capability and tremendous production capacity. For a century and a half, ZENITH watch factory tirelessly, strive for perfection, for the time dedicated a rich praise.
In 1865, under the impetus of Georges Favre Jacot, one of the most mysterious watchmaking of the watch industry was born. Faber - Jacques unique eyebrows, only 22 years old when the first out of the real concept of senior watch production. At that time, he will be all the master of the clock together, to provide them with warm and bright, so that they enjoy the inspiration, threw himself into the watch design. "Hand" in the Latin as "manus", so the clock production of the word "Manufacture" from these watch master dexterous hands were born.
In a quiet night, Faber - Jacques developed a most satisfied with his movement. He strolled under the stars of the night, looking up at the sky. At this time, he got the mysterious revelation of the universe to him. A large celestial system running around the Polaris made him think of the sophisticated precision structure of the watch's gears running around the axis. So he decided to mean the highest point of the universe ZENITH word, named for his movement and watch the workshop. He symbolizes the stars as a symbol of the enterprise, which indicates that the enterprise will be under the guidance of the stars, out of a road full of the future.
Since then, in the glory of the universe, with a pair of magic hands of the ZENITH watch factory with a lot of fruit through the twentieth century. It received a total of 1,565 design awards, including more than 50 high-quality mechanical movement. Its branches from New York to Paris, from Moscow to Tokyo, all over the world. In countless outstanding men and women, driven by the master of the clock, history in progress. They are hard hands and infinite enthusiasm to fully demonstrate the creative wisdom, ZENITH pursuit of beauty, real, honest, accurate, superb, and complex process of the value of the standard reflected most vividly. More valuable is that they not only carry forward a long tradition, but also for its injection of fresh blood. 1999 incorporated into the world's largest boutique group LVMH.
Today, ZENITH watch factory always abide by the commitment, the traditional and modern clever fusion, in the continuous improvement of mechanical movement design at the same time did not forget to create the feeling of beauty. Symbol of ZENITH stars always shining in the sky, and its founder is also concerned about the development of the other world, for the hard work of future generations blessing.

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