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60 years of the process of inheritance Tudor Bi Bay gold steel type

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Baselworld this year's exhibition, Tudor classic name Kai Kai Bay (Heritage Black Bay) diving table new launch of gold and steel watches. TUDOR Heritage Black Bay S & G (Tudor Heritage Black Bay S & G) equipped with Tudor table manufacturing movement MT5612, the calendar function into the Bijia series.

       This classic watch is designed to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of the rudder diving table, the tradition of superb craftsmanship, to create a new gold watch, named gold steel, gold and steel, for Kai Kai Bay series add a new color. This watch follows the line and the proportion of the Beyan series, rotating outer ring and the chain crown is made of gold. Steel strap of the central chain also uses this precious metal, giving the watch more formal dignified view.

       Tudor table from the brand in the fifties and sixties of the discount riveting strap to draw inspiration, designed to open Kai Bi Bay gold steel watch strap. Straps on both sides of the strap to rivet head connection, the structure was stepped, these design features known to the world. Kai Cheng Bi Bay gold steel watch strap on the one hand into the two classic aesthetic characteristics, on the other hand the use of solid links, the modern manufacturing process integration. This watch has two straps optional, the other for the steel discount black antique leather belt, and an additional brown weave strap. The strap is made from the traditional Jacquard process in the St-Etienne region of France. It is a great feature of the Tudoru Kai series, which originated from the local family with a long history of 150 years.

      Equipped with Tudor table 2015 launched the first self-made movement modeled, and then improved to meet the unique style of gold and steel watch. Hour, minute and second display function is a major feature of the Gulf series, this series is the first time the introduction of calendar functions. This movement is excellent performance, accurate and reliable, impeccable, the power reserve for up to 70 hours, in other words, if the Friday night off the watch, to Monday morning just wear a wrist can be normal use, no need to re-link. Movement frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), by the inertial fine-tuning silicon hairspring balance wheel adjustment, and the cross-plate fixed, so that the movement is more reliable. In addition, the movement also received the Swiss precision time test center (COSC) awarded the Swiss Observatory certification.

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