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Hublot Big Bang classic models

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Today, we reviewed a change in the industry watch, a decade ago its design, to a large extent guided the "big watch trend." This is the big explosion Big Bang - model 301.SB.131.RX. Despite the fact that the has released tens of thousands of large color materials, Big Bang watches have been released for decades, but the old watch is still listed in the catalog and is still strong. 10 years ago Hublot Big Bang first change the traditional rules of the watch industry. Now the biggest question: the glory of the big bang is fading with the passage of time, or is it stronger than ever?

Case Big Bang watch the essence of the case is the case. Complex structure, the traditional and modern technology and materials embodies the "art of integration" - Hublot-brand's core philosophy. In 2005, the combination of steel and rubber is very novel, but in the next decade, the industry's other brands have caught up with the trend of Hublot-table. Nevertheless, 44mm case to keep strong, still not outdated to wear. I found that texture and material are still fascinating.

Fusion is not just a mix of innovative materials, Big Bang also show the style of integration; luxury sports watch design and industrial aesthetic style of cooperation - heavy roll the edge of the circle and exposed screws (very touch of the proprietary H Shaped screwdriver) is really effective. It sounds like a press release cut out of the paragraph, but appreciate the Big Bang watch, you really need to understand the importance of integrating the ideas in their design process. Material and texture of the interaction is the attractiveness of this watch, but also makes it so fun to wear.

Dial Hublot Hublot on the dial using unconventional materials, woven carbon fiber texture of the mirror with the mirror ceramic bezel in stark contrast. It is gratifying that, no matter how the integration, Hublot did not forget that the main purpose of the watch is to show the time. Dial on the clear and dawn - with a wide luminous filled with the needle, a large rhodium-plated time and inconspicuous printed small dial. I really like the number and time scale, very kind of industrial beauty; each time stamp is organic processing slot, but the slot itself is polished, the rest of the markings are processed. This is a very small detail, but there are many small brands will be ignored. Like the rest of the watch, Big Bang's dial combines all the materials and surface treatments, but the features are not lost in the form.

Movement when the Big Bang watch the first release, the loading is Hublot improved version of Valjoux 7750; built in recent years is Hub 4100 movement, which is a high-end ETA 2894-2 basic movement, the top equipped with time Module. This movement can be considered a proven, fairly stable and reliable, although not Hublot-self-produced movement. The disadvantage is that the timing module is provided by a third party, mounted on the dial side, so the table back side can not enjoy the timing mechanism action. I think the key is not pricing, this piece of jade Big Bang watch pricing is not cheap, the key lies in Hublot-Unico self-produced movement is limited.

Strap rubber strap is an organic part of the Big Bang watch, so that this luxury watch more ground - and even here, Hublot trying to inject personality - the application of a unique diamond pattern pattern. Of course not boring. The strap is fixed by a single foldable buckle, a bit big and bulky; although it is solid and safe, I have to admit that some of the edges are sharp and uncomfortable.

Technical indicators
Brand: Hublot series: Big Bang reference number: 301.SB.131.RX case size: 44 mm Case thickness: satin stainless steel dial: carbon fiber dial satin rhodium-plated stickers and white luminous watches: rubber Strap and stainless steel folding movement: HUB4100 table mirror: sapphire anti-reflective treatment baffle: vertical satin black ceramic

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