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A brief understanding of the AP Royal Oak three series

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Genta designed Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series as a popular series, octagonal bezel, one-piece lugs, beautiful chain belt, top workmanship, loved by many watchmakers, but a few friends do not know the difference between the royal oak three series , Why is the offshore series, etc., today for everyone to bring detailed illustrations, history, we should all know, the forum information also wrote, but also slightly brief it, I hope you like:

(A) classic royal oak
The classic royal oak is produced in 1972, the first generation of the Royal Oak Model 5402st, 39mm diameter at the time be great, it nicknamed the A series.
Modern classic royal oak diameter is generally 41mm, 37mm and 33mm, the thickness is relatively thin, generally below 10mm, octagonal bezel slightly smaller than the original, the dial has a classic Grande Tapisserie large grid decoration, classic rod pointer and time standard , The use of K gold production. Crown is hexagonal, screw-in, waterproof generally in the 50m, the table is angular, the basic are straight cut, the chain is very classic, is flat, no radians, I like this strap design, not only tough Nice, and reflective effect is very good. Watch production materials are generally 316L stainless steel, 18K gold, 18K rose gold, PT950, etc., do not use the popular high-tech materials such as ceramics, carbon and so on.

Slim side.

Slightly octagonal bezel, positive drawing side polished, 8 18k white gold screws fixed front.

Large checkered decorative dial, can see the polished lines.

Hexagon crown, the top engraved with the AP logo.

Angular, mostly cut, flat chain, drawing fine.
Movement data watch library have, no longer long-winded.
In short, AP classic royal oak appearance is very eye-catching, angular, cut the majority.

(B) Royal Oak Offshore
If the classic royal oak is docked in the port of the warships of the porthole, then the offshore series is the warships attack, cleave waves. Offshore's implication must be so, more solid, more sporty, more dynamic.
The origin of the offshore watch was created by Stephen Urquhart, Managing Director of Audemars Pigu, who commissioned the young Gueit to design a larger royal oak in the late 1980s. In fact, the purpose behind this commission was to create a large, More young ethnic watch, to stimulate the royal oak malaise sales, and attempts to women more and more popular to wear male watch market environment, giving men the opportunity to continue to have a larger watch. 1989 plans to launch, until 1993, the official production.
Offshore diameter is larger than the classic royal oak, usually 42mm, 44mm, 48mm. Thickness also go up, in 13mm or more. Octagonal bezel wider. Dial with Méga Tapisserie large plaid decoration, classic bar-shaped pointer, but the time marked with a rod-like also digital, richer. Crown for the hexagonal, are screw-in crown, 100m and above waterproof (but there are individual complex models of water is relatively low, 20m). The whole table design more arc, the general use of rubber belt, but also belt and chain belt. Watch production materials are rich, generally 316L stainless steel, 18K rose gold, high-tech ceramics, forged carbon, rubber and so on.

Offshore thickness up, very texture, the side also has a shoulder to protect the crown and buttons.

Wide bezel, 8 larger stainless steel screws are fixed on the front.

Méga Tapisserie is a large plaid decoration, than the classic royal oak but also a big circle.

General crown and button will use new materials, formerly rubber, now changed to ceramic.

Offshore straps are no longer as flat as the classic royal oak, and are converted to curved surfaces to fit the curved ears. In short, the Royal Oak off the coast and the classic royal oak is still a big difference, larger diameter, mostly arc, less hardness, more sports winds.

(C) the concept of royal oak
This table is launched in recent years, I do not know the specific year, the movement of the movement, offshore and then upgrade version. This series has a complex function, expensive, very scarce, Audemars Piguet real top models.
The diameter of the watch is 44mm, the thickness is thicker than the offshore, usually 16mm and above, octagonal bezel and offshore similar, more than the classic royal oak. The back of the fixed screw is not a word, and become a class of cross, more unique. Dial no decoration, the design is very modern and dynamic, the pointer is different, into a hollow pointer. Crown or hexagonal, but larger than the offshore, screw-in crown, waterproof lower, generally at 20m. The middle part of the case has been changed, and the connection with the strap into a flat mouth, each side has three sides. No chain belt, are belt or rubber belt. Watch production materials are rich, generally titanium, ceramics, forged carbon and other modern materials.

The thickness of the side.

Modern full of disk.

The back of the unique screws.
In short, the concept of the difference between the two models is also great, the implementation of the modern sports wind, polished and meticulous, collectibles ah

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