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What is the Tourbillon ?

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Some do not understand the watch friends that Tourbillon is too expensive, but also nothing to use, I believe that people who hold this view even a few. So, it is necessary to work with everyone to clarify the i this problem.
So what is the tourbillon in the end? It is the Swiss watch master Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795 invented a watch speed control device, the purpose is to correct the gravity of the clocks on the parts caused by the error, because very early times, people wear mainly pocket watch, or Is hanging table, whether it is hanging in the chest, or hides in the pocket, are easy to make pocket watch, or watch the parts by the different gravity, and thus affect the accuracy of watches and clocks, so Breguet invented Tourbillon This device is used to counteract this effect of gravity.

Later, with the birth of the watch, making this situation has undergone a subversive change, because the watch worn on the wrist because people continue to swing, making the watch movement because the impact of different parts of the components down to very low, So it can even be said that in fact the watch has no need to tour the flywheel to adjust the so-called gravity, and this is why some people think that Tourbillon useless main reason.
However, the problem is not so simple, we often say "Rolex is the following practical products, Rolex is above the art", and equipped with Tourbillon watch are generally more than Rolex, so we have to look at the art of view, That is to say we look at the Tourbillon, do not pay too much attention to its practicality, but to pay more attention to its artistry.
There is a historical figure Perhaps many people do not know, it is learned that the Tourbillon since the invention in 1790, until 1950, in the 160 years time, the world has a total of the tourbillon device pocket watch and watch the total number of Area 600, it can be seen, the tourbillon process complexity, and the production of the difficulty is not simple, in which the cohesion of the watchmaker's wisdom and sweat are Tourbillon is the reason for the important reason.

Omega unique to the central Tourbillon (cover picture)
In fact, although now, although the mechanization, standardization has been very popular, but the production of a tourbillon still need to spend a lot of watchmakers energy, under normal circumstances, a small Tourbillon device by more than 70 fine parts, and large Part of the hand made. At the same time, the fineness of these parts is extremely demanding, for example, even the requirements of the frame and the tourbillon weight can not exceed 0.3 grams or 0.013 ounces, equivalent to a swan feather weight or two pieces of parrot feathers weight.
So, as we look at papermaking, painting, sculpture and other handicrafts, the production of tourbillon is not mechanized large production can be done, but more dependent on fine artificial, in other words, since the tourbillon has been less useful, but also Is it necessary to use mechanized mass production to reduce its costs? The reason why keep it, it is because there are many elements of art in the inside, and these elements of the art behind the watchmakers is the manual labor and pay, which is mechanized large production can not be replaced.

So, as the beginning of the article said, equipped with Tourbillon watches are generally very expensive, such as this product family master series Q1322410 watch, Jaeger-LeCoultre can be said to be a better movement of the top luxury brand technology, the wrist Table equipped with automatic mechanical movement Cal.982, power reserve 48 hours, the case is 18K rose gold material, dark brown crocodile leather strap, with Tourbillon function, watch diameter 40 mm, waterproof 50 meters, reference price of 488000 yuan (to The actual price prevail).

Another example is the Breguet classic complex series 3357BB / 12/986 watch, as mentioned above, Breguet is actually the tourbillon technology inventor, this watch carrying a manual mechanical movement, the case is 18K white gold material , Black crocodile leather strap, with Tourbillon function, table diameter 36 mm, waterproof 30 meters, the reference price of 814,400 yuan (subject to the actual price).
In short, we admit that Tourbillon no longer has significant practicality, but this does not affect the Tourbillon as a unique decorative aesthetic representative of the existence of significance, because it embodies the irreplaceable watchmaker's efforts , Also more "perfect" to interpret the mechanical beauty and the depth of the beauty of time.

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