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2017 Zenith Watches

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The Basel International Watch & Jewelery Show is the only annual event that brings together the entire watch and jewelery industry, where professionals from all over the world come together to touch the industry and draw inspiration from the trend of innovation and creativity and discover new trend. 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show, Zenith from the brand history to find inspiration, both the performance of the leap breakthrough, but also the appearance of the classic material to reproduce.

Real Defy El Primero 21 watch

Ceramic aluminum - hollow dial section (24.9000.9004 / 78.R582)

       To say that the brand of the show on the heavy work, was undoubtedly the Defy El Primero 21 watch. In 1969, Zenith to the traditional El Primero star movement to become high-frequency chronograph field recognized king, and now again with Defy El Primero 21 watch to continue to ride ultra-high precision watch industry, this watch from the One tenth of a second to one hundredth of a second, in terms of performance and design is a huge leap.

Titanium - Hollow Dial (95.9000.9004 / 78.R582)

Titanium Metal - Silver Dial (95.9001.9004 / 01.R582)

       The new watch is equipped with a new El Primero star movement, its performance is higher and equipped with a new regulatory agencies and patented timing control mechanism, with a star incision of the automatic swing Tuo. This modern movement by the COSC certification, can measure one hundredth of a second, highlighting the ambitious goal: to build itself into the market today, "the most accurate timepieces" brand. Watch the concentration of modern technology and traditional crafts, will be rich when the rich history and cutting-edge watch innovation in one.

Real Power Chronomaster El Primero Grande Date Full Open watch

Stainless steel shell leather belt section (03.2530.4047 / 78.C813)

       In the high-level watch industry, hollow is a classic means of retouching, but also the embodiment of the brand superb skills. Real Chronomaster El Primero Grande Date Full Open watch with hollow design, with a charming crystal clear sapphire dial, open mechanical device at a glance, enjoy the vitality of the rhythm.

Golden shell leather belt section (51.2530.4047 / 78.C810)

Stainless steel shell steel chain section (03.2530.4047 / 78.M2530)

       Crystal clear sapphire dial with two blue and gray transparent timing plate, which is 1969 prototype of the aesthetic logo, 6 o'clock position with two day and moon phase disk. Silver inner bezel wrapped around the blue ring, black and white minute scale, luminous Zhuozhuan pointer and time standard to ensure easy to read, but did not interfere with people appreciate the wonderful internal operation of the watch. 2 o'clock position of the big date with two hollow digital concentric disk instructions, engraved window bright red background clearly readable; with red tip of the slender central sweep pointer decorated with real power when the star logo, in the clear Unparalleled dial on the precise travel time.

Pilot Extra Special Chronograph watch

29.2430.4069 / 21.C800

       In the early days of the military and civil aviation industry, Zenith was one of the earliest manufacturers of altimeters and cockpit watch manufacturers. 2017, Zenith famous pilots watch series for a new improved design, watch with blasting black dial and khaki green oily suede leather strap, mind the spirit of adventure, show the appearance of the new retro, bronze material also makes use Watch more classical charm.

       Large size 45 mm case bronze to create, bronze, high magnetic resistance alloy, its natural luster to give the watch a unique retro temperament. New blasting black dial with arched sapphire crystal glass on top of the table, carrying a unique large number of Arabic numerals - white (divergent green) Super-LumiNova® SLN C1 super luminous material coating. Luminous section of the pointer swept a unique dial, while the timing of the disk and the track when the track and more clear.

Piston Type 20 Extra Special 40 mm watch

Burgundy Red Dial - Burgundy Red Strap (11.1940.679 / 94.C814)

       Zenith's famous Pilot watch always attached to the retro style, wide groove crown, large luminous figures, grain dial and oily scrub strap all show wild personality in this Basel senior watch jewelry show really Force to continue to add new members for the series, the new total mustard yellow, khaki, blue and Burgundy red four styles, each one has its own characteristics.

Blue dial - blue strap (11.1940.679 / 53.C808)

Green Gray Dial - Mustard Yellow Strap (11.1940.679 / 91.C807)

Khaki dial - khaki strap (11.1940.679 / 63.C800)

       Elite elves series 679 self-winding movement. This reliable and accurate autonomous movement drives the central, minute and second hand while providing 50 hours of power storage. In order to pay tribute to the history of the brand, watch the pure old steel watch back with a very historic brand logo - shield emblem, above the star pattern, and write real power when the watch factory Year: 1865.

Genuine Heritage Heritage Series 146 watch

Blue section (03.2150.4069.51.C805)

       Heritage heritage series 146 watch - a 1960s as a watch for the inspiration, now carrying El Primero star movement. The new series is presented in a retro look, with a warm brown or blue dial, 38 precision guide column el Primero star movement. Heritage heritage series 146 watch cleverly re-interpretation of a very historic watch, called the true history of the history of the essence of a unique series: excellent design, heavy heritage, the real rare hard to find for.

Brown section (03.2150.4069.75.C806)

       High-speed automatic movement El Primero Star speed 4069 built in 38 mm diameter, waterproof depth of 100 meters in the retro-style stainless steel case, the case is equipped with a groove crown and two round buttons. Rotary table back cover, with double-sided anti-glare treatment of sapphire crystal glass. Finally, the rubber lining brown or blue racing style calfskin strap for the watch overall design draw a perfect full stop.

True Force 33mm Elite Lady Moonphase watch



       This new Elite Lady Moonphase watch includes five styles, 18K rose gold or fine steel material, elegant and fulfilled. Ultra-thin 33 mm diameter case, waterproof depth of up to 50 meters, with a groove crown, you can smoothly adjust the moon phase. Open the table back, so you have the opportunity to see the style of the internal mechanical device, which the power source - automatic pendulum decorated with exquisite "Geneva ripple" pattern.




       The new Elite 692 automatic movement, with a bright black or brown alligator strap, with rubber lining, with stainless steel or rose gold button - exquisite Of the feminine atmosphere filled into every detail. Elite elite series of five new watch called the times, the eternal elegance of the ultimate symbol.

Genuine Chronomaster El Primero Star Range Rover Velar special watch

24.2042.400 / 27.R799

       The new Chronomaster El Primero Star Range Rover Velar special watch with 42 mm ceramic aluminum case, vibration frequency of 36,000 vibrations / hour, with a charming matte gray dial, decorated with copper details. Whether worn on the brave adventure or elegant gentleman's wrist, this watch are emitting an unparalleled fashion, accompanied by a black diamond calfskin coated with a new black rubber strap, even more unique taste. Black Drilling calfskin is a kind of Rover models also used on the high quality leather. Strap with DLC treatment of titanium three folding clasp.

       Range Rover Velar brings a new dimension to modernity and elegance and charm, while the Chronomaster El Primero Star Range Rover Velar special watch is based on the same principles to create, elegant and elegant to show its incomparable pure blood, regardless In any occasion, let the wearer become a reminder of the protagonist.

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