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A Short Review at the JLC REVERSO

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Where most watch companies could fill a few desk drawers for his or her old calibres, JLC requires a warehouse for that 1,242 they’ve tallied up since Antoine LeCoultre setup shop. HM Queen Elizabeth II used a JLC at her coronation. And never any JLC, it had been a gemstone-encrusted cal. 101 - still the tiniest mechanical movement on the planet. Edward VIII were built with a Reverso and thus did Amelia Earhart.

Which year, their most well-known model - the Reverso - is 85.  So a week ago in London’s Bond Street, JLC and QP Magazine put a party to celebrate and showcase the most recent developments.

We’re pretty accustomed to the Reverso today and almost take its presence in Watchworld as a given.  But imagine in 1931 when René-Alfred Chauvot, an artist, registered the brevet d’invention (the patent) for any watch that swivels and turns in its very own case…

Most watches were round and remained as evolving from the thought of a ‘trench watch’ using its military heritage and slightly ungentlemanly undertones.  Roamer were producing some deco-style oblong cased watches, Cartier began making the flippable Tank Basculante in 1933. However , no-other person were built with a watch that caught the essence of Deco so purely a treadmill that so simply switched to show its caseback.

As Tim Barber, QP’s Editor, stated, it’s by pointing out gadroons.  Sounding just like a dodgy kind of pirate, a gadroon is really a kind of fluted carving.  Around the Reverso, the gadroons would be the three fluted lines across the bottom and top from the watch situation.  And you’ll locate them on every Reverso.  You’ll also locate them like a design motif in JLC’s new Bond Street boutique.  They’re area of the whole Art Deco theme the Reverso typifies.

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