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Vacheron Constantin-China's fate

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In 1845, Vacheron Constantin and the Chinese market, a commercial cooperation was first recorded in the history, when Vacheron Constantin sent a batch of samples to China. Nearly two months after receiving a letter sent by China Guangdong, the letter in addition to marking the time on October 30, 1845, but also made it clear: China was no watch market.
In 1846, Vacheron Constantin delivered a 33-pair watch to Mr. Duval, Guangdong, with the aim of assisting him in assessing the development opportunities for the local and China's potential watch market. Today, in the history of Vacheron Constantin vaguely able to find the elements of Chinese watch material, including the Chinese ink painting for the design of the blue plate of the dial data.
In 1846, Emperor Daoguang period, although the outbreak of the Chinese land in the Opium War, but the luxury of the Qing Dynasty royal family still to the Vacheron Constantin ordered enamel pocket watch, one is set with natural pearl gold watch, excellent enamel painting performance of the two Only pigeons in a variety of colored flowers in the scene, it is memorable. In 1862, the eighth emperor of the Qing Dynasty - Tongzhi ascended the throne, three years later, the Qing Dynasty royal family once again ordered a black diamond enamel pocketed Diamonds, and this time Vacheron Constantin has developed 110 years.
In 2003, Vacheron Constantin's Richemont held a "Montres & Merveilles" exhibition at the Imperial Palace in Beijing to take the opportunity to send a great call to the famous calligrapher in China, the last representative of the Qing dynasty, and the last brother of the emperor Pu Yi Mr. presented a thin watch. To express the gratitude of the brand, Mr. Pu Ren also Vacheron Constantin's product catalog signed Aixinjue Luo Pu any souvenirs.

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