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Do not know what watch to choose? Give you a reason to buy Rolex!

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You may have been feeling, around the purchase of Rolex's small partners more and more. In the purchase of Rolex's crowd, young people aged 30-40 have accounted for 1/3, to know that five years ago, Rolex buyers were 45 years of age accounted for more than 90% of middle-aged.

There is also a sales statistics from the Swiss watch in 2014, Rolex to the world's total sales of 4.6 billion topped the list, while the second only 2.6 billion, showing how Rolex watches are welcome.

Although the Rolex full gold Watches price of 200,000 look, compared to 4-5 million all-steel Watches and gold and steel and then add a lot of diamonds on the expensive, but also worth buying, because Rolex is the only one in Switzerland Have their own casting, and completely smelt their own 18K gold brand.

Rolex will be in the world procurement of gold and precious stones, but after the purchase of raw materials after the R & D, smelting, from thousands of gold to 18K gold, are in Rolex's own factory to complete. Of course, other parts do not mention, certainly all of the Rolex own production. And the production of a Rolex watch at least a year, from the raw materials to the final finished product completely independent control in Rolex's own hands.

There are rose gold, Rolex's patent - eternal rose gold! Ordinary rose gold watch you wear 1-2 years will find the difference between old and new, because UV, perspiration and even cosmetics will make color change, but Rolex's eternal rose gold put on three years and five really do not fade it?

Labor the patent eternal rose gold, with 750 ‰ thousands of gold + copper + PT950 platinum (physical properties of the sWatches precious metals, not easy to oxidation). Copper is easily oxidized, but in order to protect the red copper, Rolex also joined the more lively calcium, indium, silicon. If the corrosion is also the first to corrode these more lively, the copper is protected down and can protect the beautiful red and pink. From which you can see the continuous progress of technology, which is one of the reasons to recommend Rolex, never fade rose gold.

Rolex is now Switzerland, a very small number of completely independent research and development, design, production movement of one of the brands.

It is also the only Swiss brand that has not been sold since its founding, and has never been part of any group since its founding in 1905 and is still in the founder's Weissdorf Fund. This foundation is protected by the Swiss national official law, which also ensures that Rolex does not accommodate the market, positioning, price, R & D focus by their own needs to control, as well as the pursuit of high quality and eternal.

You may not know, Rolex company only way to produce the Watches, but not selling watch. It commissioned more than 1,000 dealers around the world to help it sell watches, and they do not participate in sales links, after all, once the face of the market, it will be the market trend, demand around.

It is also very helpful on the spokesperson. Rolex in the world have hundreds of spokesmen, but rarely use the star to the main publicity, many times you see it's advertising posters, is a Watches, and the spokesperson thrown aside.

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