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Various features of the watch

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Speed chronograph, inform the time of the GMT watch, can show the moon yin and yang moon phase table ... ... a variety of complex features not only to watch the small field of this small and wide, more expensive because of the price , Let them break through the limitations of their own accessories, as gentlemen, ladies highlight the identity of the tools, people talk about the population.

The most "close to the people" and the practical calendar table

Among the many watches, personally think that the calendar should be regarded as the most complex functions of the "people" and practical functions. The calendar means that the table in addition to the ordinary time display, but also with the calendar, week, month, leap year, and moon phase of the instructions. They are displayed almost from the calendar since the birth of this function has rarely changed in the watch face plate, will be arranged in three circles to display the month, week, calendar and leap year. These features, for each person wearing a watch will have practical guidance, so even if the process is complex, the price is also more expensive than the general function of the watch, but highly appreciated by Fans and sought after. Time through the enjoyment of "years" do not watch the fun, so you, coincide with the calendar!

Tourbillon fast perfect "0" error

There is no doubt that the tourbillon in terms of name or structure are extremely attractive, compared to other functions, it is exposed to the watch above, the area is almost the largest, not only one can see, but also because of their own structure and The nature of the rapid operation of the introduction of questioning. Simply put, if you look at the surface of a lot of watches like a "bird cage" the same small frame, high-speed operation, that eighty-nine away is the tourbillon. Because of its existence, the traditional sense of the impact of the watch when the accuracy of the gravity will be neutralized, so that the watch more accurate.

Accuracy to the minute of the three asked the watch

The name of the three asked too much, simply that it is the watch "say" accurate to the minute, even if you know this function, do not look at the table, or just around the people toggle about the watch wrench, you can Understand the current time of the watch type. Its structure is very complex, no less than the above two functions of the parts less, and the price is not vague, especially the three asked the table are generally with precious metal watch material, more expensive, several million yuan watches are eyeful , Really if the pure watch enthusiasts under the heart of the "blood" ah!

Have a fantastic moon phase table

The moon phase is based on the 29.5-day period to show the moon's moon's state. There are two moon on the moon, the edge of 59 teeth, the moon wheel by the drive wheel after the push every day to move forward a tooth, this time the moon will be timely changes in profit and loss on the dial. The monthly rotation is from 29.5 days to 29 seconds, so the error is on the moon as long as the exact rotation period of the moon is 28 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. Will reach 24 hours. There are usually moon on the surface adjustment button, moon phase display and timing and calendar and other functions are relatively independent.

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