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Vacheron Constantin Art Master Series Copernicus Sky Ball 2460 RT watch

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In 1543, the Polish astronomer and mathematician Nikolai Copernicus published the "celestial theory", set off a major revolution in the academic community. Astronomy not only explores the origins, developments and characteristics of the universe, but also has inextricably linked with watches and clocks. Through the continuous upgrading of precision machinery, so as to better simulate the movement between the celestial bodies, it is possible in the wrist between the celestial bodies can be a panoramic view of the action. Vacheron Constantin with Nicholas Copernicus and astronomical discoveries as the inspiration, the use of orthodox minimalist platinum case of the Earth around the sun to oval orbit to run the astronomical world scene, launched Métiers d'Art Art Master Series Copernicus celestial spheres Nepalese body ball 2460 RT watch sapphire models. (Official model: 7600U / 000G-B226)

       The beginning of the 19th century, Vacheron Constantin is committed to the creation of astronomical complex features of the watch, and constantly break through the fine arts in the complex aspects of sophisticated skills, the continuation of the senior watch industry legend. Development so far, has been unique in the field of astronomical watch manufacturing. This new astronomical masterpiece is a fusion of exquisite decorative craft with original time display, which aims to pay tribute to one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind. It is worth mentioning that the watch dial design inspiration, from the 17th century Dutch - German planner Andreas Sealius (Andreas Cellarius) picture works, showing a beautiful constellation pattern, and show Out of the earth around the sun and turn the elegant run track.

       43 mm case made of 18K white gold, the thickness of 12.9 mm, after polishing the appearance of a refined and high cold feeling. The bezel engraves the twelve constellation signs. It is worth mentioning that hours, minutes and the Earth's rotation and revolution, including all the functions can be adjusted through the crown, very convenient.

       Dial decoration with a number of innovative technology, accompanied by the beautiful interaction of the Earth and the sun, constellation plans to dotted the 3D effect of the sky as a background. Hand painted midnight blue dial is covered with the back decorated with transparent sapphire crystal. Vacheron Constantin uses innovative laser engraving techniques to plot the constellation pattern. Then the sculptor in a purely manual way to highlight the three-dimensional pattern and sapphire milk effect. The front laser engraving constellation is also covered with Super-Luminova® luminous coating. The stars of the sky and the endless picture of the endless night sky Xiangying Zhang, in the dark also shine. 18K gold hand-painted dial (sky); laser engraving and hand-carved sapphire crystal (constellation pattern); laser engraving and Super-Luminova® luminous coating (constellation); hand carved earth.

       The time is indicated by two 4N gold triangular markers: the hollow pointer indicates the hour, the solid pointer indicates the minute, the two pins slide on the bezel to indicate the time, and is driven by a special large gear outside the movement.

       Equipped by Vacheron Constantin own research and development and manufacture 2460 RT automatic winding mechanical movement, with 352 parts and 27 gems, can provide 40 hours power reserve. Hour, minute and the earth rotation and revolution, including all the functions can be adjusted through the crown, easy to use. With a gold clasped Mississippi crocodile leather strap, placed in a rare wooden display box, and equipped with a magnifying glass to enjoy this work every fine artistic decoration of the perfect details.

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