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Movement for the watches

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Movement for the importance of the whole watch is well known, no movement, the watch will not work. What is the movement of the watch? The following move closer to the watch movement, look at what kind of watch movement?

1. Manual winding movement, is the earliest movement of the spring should be through the "human intervention", the wearer to manually turn the crown on the winding table to normal walking, are generally 24 hours on a winding, Manual winding movement is the earliest machinery, its predecessors as early as the 15th century appeared on the pocket watch. Is now also part of the use of senior brands, but more of the wearer will forget the "winding" and "stop" their own time.

Second, the self-winding movement is through the movement of the table on the winding, through a pendulum operation, so that the table gently stretch the hairspring, the table also achieved a "self-running" effect. Automatic winding movement is now the choice of most mechanical watch, as long as wearing it every day, do not have the winding, and even with the movement of tension even more conducive to the speed of travel when the accuracy.
3. Speaking of quartz movement, we must first mention the 70s of last century and 80's "Quartz crisis", it is the birth of the impact of the Swiss watch industry, making many European mechanical watch factory declared bankrupt, early The end of his watchmaking career, it is precisely because of its existence oxen "Swatch" watch the birth of a generation more powerful than the generation.
The quartz movement was made by WA Mason in the 1920s and was later put into production by the Japanese Seiko company in 1969, its costly cost, high travel time accuracy and more additional features that became people Buy the table of choice, but also to rely on manual long time long mechanical watch has been a huge impact.
In fact, the principle of quartz movement is that there is no oscillation of the balance wheel as a metronome, but only a quartz oscillator, through the power (battery) to oscillate. There are a lot of female watches, because from the thickness and aesthetic point of view, will choose the quartz movement.
Four. Watchmaking workshop self-produced movement may be a manual winding movement, there may be self-winding movement, it refers to the movement of the key parts, such as the main splint, table bridge and plywood are By the workshop their own production, all to achieve their own production, so you can name their own models.
Before the Swatch Group's ETA movement is a major supplier of many brands, but in 2002 the Swatch Group announced no longer external supply ETA blank movement (there are many brands will use ETA blank movement for processing, And then promote their own production movement), so led to the emergence of a lot of watchmaking workshop.
Brand movement
ETA, full name for the ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, is a Swiss blank movement manufacturer, the product includes mechanical / quartz watch and clock movement. Owned by the world's largest watch group Swiss Swatch Group, ETA itself by a number of movement plant mergers and acquisitions, including the famous Adolf Schild (AS), Valjoux, Unitas and so on.
ETA's main product is focused on the mechanical movement, a variety of different types of watch movement are produced. In addition to the supply to the Swatch Group's watch brands (such as Longines, Omega, Swatch and Tissot, etc.) use, but also a number of watch manufacturers movement suppliers. Such as Breitling, Fortis, British Nag, plum, and even Rolex, ETA movement have appeared in their products (Rolex had Daytona series in the use of Valjoux movement), and nations, Oris, TAG Heuer Tudor, etc. to use the ETA movement based on the improvement of the movement.

Miyota is one of the largest blank watch manufacturers in the world's largest blank watchmaker. Was established in 1959, the real name of "Royal Day Precision Co., Ltd." (Miyota Precision Co., Ltd). In 1991 changed its name to Miyota Co., Ltd. In 2005, through the equipment exchange, become a subsidiary of Citizen table, to now the name.
Miyota's main products are quartz or mechanical watch movement, quartz crystal oscillator, LCD backlight, CMOS sensor and micro LCD and other products.
Through these movement knowledge, we can see that no matter what kind of movement, are given aura of watches and the core of life, which hundreds of wheels and parts of the meticulous cooperation, making the watch can run non-stop.

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