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Which watch brand is better than the famous watch brand introduction

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Watch is an important partner between men wrist, from the birth so far, it is not an ordinary time tool. But a status, temperament wealth symbol. And now the market is often a lot of watch brands, then those watch brand is good? Today's watch home for everyone to introduce some of the more famous watch brand. Interested friends come to see it!

       Rolex watch design in a solemn, practical, not flashy style, by a large number of people love, Rolex movement quality and durability and reliability, Rolex is undoubtedly the best, simply can be regarded as a family of things left to the children and grandchildren. Although Rolex almost never made a complex function of the watch, but it's durable, easy to travel when it is notorious, and has been the darling of the second-hand market, excellent preservation function.

       In the watch technology, Patek Philippe has been in a leading position, with several patents. From 1851, "Patek Philippe" won the first "handle on the winding" patent, the major patent projects include precision regulator, dual timer, large spiral balance wheel, peripheral automatic winding rotor, and the balance Wheel hub device. Only from 1949 to 1979, 30 years, there are 40 patents, the patent as much as the list of the most.

       Cartier has 150 years of history, its brand from France, but the factory is in Switzerland, but also with the top Swiss movement. Cartier from the World War in the British victory tank on the track to draw inspiration, launched a series of tanks, it was Europe and the United States celebrities favorite. Cartier price difference is also great, the cheapest is the "tank" (Tank) stainless steel models, 30,000 yuan or so; expensive hundreds of thousands. Cartier represents a lot of things, refined, luxurious, elegant, noble, but also on behalf of success and high.

       In addition to the Swiss brand, other countries also have a lot of good watches. Germany's watchmaking level can be compared with Switzerland, Lange, Glashütte original and Nomos are German watch in the leader. Of course, the price is not cheap, the purchase needs a certain economic base. Although the Japanese watch and Switzerland, the German watch as a superb skill, but focus on products and the latest technology, radio, light meter are Japanese model of the watch. On behalf of the brand Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Oriental Double Lion.

       In the United States, the other side of the United States, the American simple and casual lifestyle also deeply affected the development of American watches, most American watch brands are very bright and simple fashion style. The United States watch more famous Hamilton, Tiffany, days when the United States, CK, Guess, Fossil and so on.

       While the domestic watch also has some very good brand, quality and reputation are very good. Such as Feida, Rossini, seagull, Beijing table, Shanghai table and so on. Especially the seagull watch the highest popularity, seagull watch since 1955 has been the birth of more than 50 years of development history, 50 years of history for the "seagull" watch manufacturing laid a solid technical foundation, has now become a watch movement The development, production. Assembly. Sales in one of the watch production base.

       Which watch brand is good, more famous watch brand for everyone to introduce here, this problem you should also have a certain understanding. Choose the watch is not necessarily the pursuit of price and fame, should be combined with many aspects of careful thinking, only for their own watch is the best!

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