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Russian watch brand

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Russia has never been a watch production power, more than 100 years ago it also from the United Kingdom, France imported Western watches, and then moved to the Qing Dynasty emperor, the number is still quite large. To the modern era in the former Soviet Union has built a lot of watch factory, at least there are more than 10 well-known brands such as Kirov, Moscow, flight, lightning, rockets, victory, peace, karma, dawn and so on. Vostok is a Russian watch brand; produced by Chistopol Watch factory. Products to military watch the main, so many people call it "Soviet military table". Oriental brand watches are characterized by cheap, with good waterproof capacity (usually 50 meters or 200 meters), and a hard metal case. But based on the price relationship, hand than other countries to get rough watches. But it is not the ability to produce precision watches and clocks: Zenith135 movement improved by the 2809 movement, it is able to meet the Observatory certification of precision movement.

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